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My dogs' bladders cannot be so small that they ALL have to go out every Hour!!! I thought you were supposed to leave available water out for them, but all that is causing for me is them getting up to bother me to go out to pee. This may be a little bit of a vent, its no fun when your sick and trying to sleep, but every hour your up out in the snow. Do your dogs pee that often? Or is it just my crazy dogs?
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Summer pees a lot too. Probably not every hour but pretty close to it. Sucks that you have a cold, I hope you get well soon.
Thanks, its crappy.
The weird thing is, they are all fine just laying there, then Maddy decides she needs to come Woo Woo in my face so ill let her out, then she starts doing laps of the house, then Tinkerbelle gets involved in the festivities and it wont stop till they all go outside. Maybe they have ADD?
lol Can dogs have ADD?
Eh well you can only love them.
I felt like crap for the past few days and I think Summer kinda picked up on it
Her potty breaks decreased a little bit and she let me sleep the ickyness off.
Lol, I swear Bo could hold it forever...but Jetta...she rings that bell at least every hour...sometimes gets frustrating when you are not feeling well...
Sorry that you are sick and hope you get feeling better soon.
I wish it was every hour over's like every 15 minutes for Tyson!  And I am not kidding.  I try putting him on a schedule, but that does not work.  At least he is trained to go outside!!
OMG!!! how funny!!! If dogs have ADD then Harley is a prime canidate!!! Harley pees about every 1 1/2 hours.
Duke doesn't go that often, but he makes me get up every five minutes to let him outside then back inside then out again.  I think he just likes to see me get up!  Seriously once he woke me up to take him out, he when outside stood on the porch for a minute then wanted back in.  He gave me this look like its about time you got out of bed.  They are such sweethearts  :)
Ringer had to 'pee' about every 8 minutes last night but I figured out that all he was doing was getting me to pay attention to him.  As soon as I started putting him into a down from across the room and making him stay for a couple minutes, he started ringing the bell about ever hour instead.  If you crate your puppy, you know s/he can hold it for at least as long as you crate and if they have control, you may be able to get away with doing what I did.
Patch is every couple of hours and he makes it through the night as well. I would go nuts if it was every hour.
Your dogs are 3 and 5 years old?  They probably just want attention

I can leave my puppy alone uncrated for 5 hours and he doesn't have an accident....and this boy eats 4 times a day
Our Brady just likes to be outside so he rings the bbell every 2 minutes if we are in the kitchen. Take him out, put him on his runner, let him hang out for a while...then he wants to come in and check on us, then rings the bell to go back out.  Most of the time he never has to actually do anything, but just wants to hang out....Abby never rings it...she will stare at us with a crooked head when she has to go and eventually bark...and this only happens maybe every 3 or 4 hours, BUT she will go EVERY time we take her out with a prompt..she pees on command, even if every half hour.
haha i swear! my dogs sooo have ADD. I posted this thread at 2:21 pm and it is now 3:36 pm and they have been out twice!!!!! You know what i think? I think they have us to well trained that they are just getting back at us for making them learn sit and stay. And now Blue is barking at the snow falling.  :D all i can do is SMILE! hahaha
That is what I do not understand...Tyson is crate trained and when he is in his crate he is fine, no accidents, and he is in there for a couple hours at a time.  But when he is out, he needs to go potty ALL the time.  Sometimes, I just think he wants to go out to be outside, but everytime I let him out, he goes potty so I know he is not tricking me.  I don't get it!
grumpee\";p=\"53407 said:
Patch is every couple of hours and he makes it through the night as well. I would go nuts if it was every hour.
I wish it were every couple hours!!!  But I am glad Tyson can get through the night as well.  He sleeps in his crate and never has an accident during the night.  He is super quiet in his crate.  Thank goodness :).
Lol . I hear ya, I feel like crap as well and Angel has decided to torment me all day wanting in and out, no reason, just wants to pester me  :) Half the time she doesn't need to go, just wants to go outside.
Its nice when boxers sometimes know when your sad, and need some love. But when they can tell that your sick, they just wanna pick on you :p haha I am now on 12 times letting them out today.
Just stop letting them out.  It sounds like they've gotten into the habit of going out every hour, but I certainly don't think they NEED to.

My two only go out every few hours, and they have free access to water too.  Sounds like Tink & Maddy are just asking to be let out because they know they can!
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