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I'm so mad at........

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Petsmart.........I know that I dont post often, but I thought you all would understand, my husband was like yea yea, get over it....... but anyway today, I went to petsmart to get some advantix or frontline, wasnt really sure what to get, I have tried everything, that is not chemical based and we still are having problems, I think my cat is the one, who is bringing them in anyway........ I got my advantix, and of course I had to pick up some wormer for the baby, and looked at flea collars for her too, cause, I didnt want to put chemicals on her yet or ever..... as I was checking out, the lady at the cash register said oh you have a new puppy, and I said well I have a 3 year old boxer, and now the new one at 7 weeks.... she asked my if I would be interested in signing up for puppy classes, I told her that I would like to talk to the trainer being that Chevy is deaf. This lady started going on and on about poor puppy, thats so sad that she is a muten (SP??) she ask me did i know she was a muten when I got her, of course I said no, and she went on and on about the breader......... now about the breader, first of all she is not breading her dogs and having tons of puppies, all the time....... this was her first litter and last, the lady owns of course 2 dogs and wanted to breed her boxer one time before she got her fixed, she lives right around the corner from me, and I went to her house several time to see the baby.....i dont think she even knew chevy was deaf...... anyway, i was just so upset when i finally got away from her....... i would have never given chevy back even if she was deaf.......  she is still a puppy that needs love........... some peaple dont need to work at a pet store................ sorry for the rant......
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some people just don't understand what kind of love they can give...deaf or not. Kudos to you for taking on the challenge, it will be very rewarding because you will be able to communicate with your baby on a different level. Screw the lady at Petsmart! haha
Yea, it amazes me how ignorant people can be, you would like to think that if they are working at a pet store they would have some knowledge, but sadly that's not always the case....People seem to think that if an animal is not perfect that it's a throw away, like a toy, well get real, these are living breathing creatures that have just as much right to life as a hearing or seeing animal....Ok, I'm done now
When you say she "went on and on about the breeder" I'd be curious to know what she said.
she was just talking about how white boxer's are not a true boxer , and that breeders should know better ect........ to be honest I shut down with her as soon as she called her a mutein........ i dont know why that just got all under my skin.....I know the lady behind me was like can you just shut up and let the lady leave........ i was standing there with all my bags, like i was walking out and she just keep on, and then had the nerve to say good luck............. ok, im going to let this go... :evil:

ok, one more thing........ i would love to take chevy and bailey both in there, and show her what a muten dog can do to a store.......... hehehehe.... :D
We love our babies so much that our feeling are hurt or we get angry even though we know we shouldn't let someone like that get to us.  Can't imagine that a person like that will work there very long.
Thats rough ... I remember asking question about Guniea Pigs in PETsmart and they didnt know a thing they bsaid they were gunea pigs... i confirmed tht by looking LOL  but wanted to know if they knew what breeds tht got in and what... all I could get was they get in guniea pigs from several breeders...Made me sad
I had my own run in with stupid petsmart employees last week, i had bought samson one of the lazer lights and the first one didn't work.  I went the next day to return it and the girl at the counter told me just pick another out, I told her I had some other shopping to do and she said okay.  So when I went to check out and exchange the faulty lazer the guy rung everything up and I paid, then as I was leaving I noticed that I didn't get out with the new lazer so I told him oh you forgot my lazer, he looked at me like I was stupid and said "uh you returned that," I told him um no I wanted the lazer I was exchanging it.  I wasn't mad or anything at first until he yelled at me that I didn't need to get crappy about it.  I was stunned and embarressed as their was a lady in line behind me.  Then he just stood their and I was like, well are you going to give me the lazer he of course acted like I put him all out cause he had to ring me up again.  I couldn't get out there fast enough!! Moron!!!!
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I would have slapped her. haha Its sad what uninformed people can act like. I love my "Mutant/non-boxers" no matter what :p :)
thanks all of you have made me feel like , im not the only one who felt like slapping her A**
I don't think you're ranting! are you kidding? one of my friends has a boxer mix who is seven months (dex is only 5)... we were at the park the other day and dex wouldn't stay because it was windy and, well, chasing those blowing leaves are a tad more fun than doing what mommy says! anyway... she started giving me all these pointers about how to train him, and that by now he should know all of the basics without hesitation...
yes, i am aware it wasn't a big deal but MAN i got furious!! haha he may not have everything down perfectly but IIII think he's perfect.
People say the same thing about Storm and Skye. I still have a hard time believing that the couple who got Storm first didn't want him becasue he is deaf. I wouldn't trade either of them. My step-bother still has a burr up his tail cause the boys are deaf and I TAKE them out in public, but then again I don't get along with him very well or want to either. I
She really called your dog a mutant?  When you said "muten" I thought you meant a mute or something....
honestly, i dont think i would have slapped her, i would have dropped kicked her :p Thats just not something you do. Any person in their right mind wouldn't go on and diss your dog, atleast anyone i've ever met. Either she's really rude, or really stupid, maybe both
Lord :roll: i think we all have run into the...well to say nicely..the "special" people who work at our local pet stores! i am sorry you had to go through that, the girl obviously didnt have her thinking cap on when she started that conversation!
:roll: been there..many times..loser people that ask why in the world youd want a deaf dog..oooo poor thing like Isis is suffering and in pain..
shes deaf ! she sees fine...she uses her other senses !!

grrrrrrrrr i cant stand people like that !!! i wish i was there with you lol i woulda ganged up with you then we could go tomorrow with all the dogs hahaha
oh im sorry you had such an awful experience- common sense is gone from the world and especially this poor lady! take care of your new baby im glad she as a great family!!

[quote="sully\";p=\"74326":203axdu7]She really called your dog a mutant?
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