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I got an email from Pua's breeder(and first Mommy) this morning...she had put pics of of Pua as an example of the White Boxer on her website(education) and she is going to have to take them down, because, even though she posted it with the phrase"this girl not available" she keeps getting calls from folks wanting to buy Pua!LOL!  Apparently she is just TOO cute for the website!LOL!

Sorry, just thought that was funny...I guess we aren't the only ones who think she's a sweetie!
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She is a sweetie!! Congrats, I know you're one proud mama!!!
Pua is a cutie!  I guess people don't bother to read though.
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"63579":339n8ags]Pua is a cutie!
Tehe....I would be very proud of Pua too!  :D
She is so adorable, I can understand why people would want her.  They probably see the picture and don't look any further so never know she is not available.
[quote="kiahsmom\";p=\"63587":1shvjrbu]She is so adorable, I can understand why people would want her.
Lol, and who wouldn't want that sweetie? That is funny tho that the breeder is getting so many responses for a pup that isn't even available
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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