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Hi everyone- it's been awhile since I've posted. Franklin's generally happy and healthy- I think the last I posted, we were worried about the possibility of him having a heart issue, but our Holter tests have all come back completely clear so we're satisfied that he's okay on that front.

We're stilll dealing with his IBD though. He's well controlled by diet alone on the Purina HA vegetarian formula. We have metronidazole for stress-induced flares, or the occasional dietary indescretion. He's got great energy, he's FINALLY a normal weight and our vets are happy with his progress.

That said, I hate the fact that he's on a dog food that essentually nothing but hydrolyzed soy protein with a bunch of vitamins added. He loves fresh veggies, so he gets lots of veggie treats and there seem to be a handful of animal proteins that don't bother him when they're not in dog food (buffalo, venison, most fish). We suspect that along with chicken and lamb, that pea protein is a major culprit in his IBD. Unfortunately most of the "sensitive" dog foods contain pea protein.

Are any of you aware of a somewhat limited ingredient food that doesn't contain chicken, lamb or beef and also doesn't contain peas?

Thanks in advance!
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