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Inner Battle!

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We've decided to adopt another boxer but I'm kind of having an inner battle on the situation.  I've gotten in good with a shelter who is letting me have first pick on 3 boxers they have, not even telling anyone else about them yet.  They have 2 Females one 4 years old and another who is 5 months old a male that is 3-4 years.  Here's the thing, we live in an apartment and the policy is that we aren't allowed to have dogs that are under a year.  So many people break the rule and have raised puppies for years on end in the complex.  However I've recently enrolled in dog training school and I really want to adopt a puppy so that I can work on training her.  The 3-4 year olds are already trained and set in their ways...  We adopted Baz who is 2 years old and training him was easy as pie, he already knew most everything, litereally all we have had to teach him how to do was walking with a leash.
Here's the real problem... I'm honest to a fault and I don't think I could adopt the 5 month old with out loosing sleep that I let someone believe a white lie.  I don't think they will check with my complex because they trust me.  
What should I do?
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If you don't feel comfortable adopting the five month old, then I say adopt one of the 3/4 year olds. The 5 month old will get adopted out really fast if you didn't adopt him just because of his age. So, if you adopt one of the older ones I think you would feel really good in knowing that you really helped two boxers in rescue.  :D  That is what I would do anyway!   Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide. :wink:
I was in a similar situation with my hailee, i wanted a puppy but the complex only allowed dogs 1 year+ so we talked to the ladies in the office and eventually talked to the owner of the complex and we got to pay a larger deposit in order to get her. It was a bit pricy, but it was completey worth it! Hope this helps you :)
That's a good idea, about asking to pay a high deposit, what is is now is $300, $150 will be returned to us and they keep the other half.  Maybe I can ask them to keep all $300 and let us get a 5 month old.  It's not about the age of the pup, I really want to start training.  Most dogs that are 3-4 years old know how to do all of the basics, whereas a dog under the age of 1 needs to have a lot of training.  I really want to go through that process.  I have no doubt that the older dogs will find an amazing home I am working with a great shelter!  I decided to tell the shelter that they don't allow pups but that I'd try to work them over.  I just can't be dishonest!
Hopefully they will work with you...i least you are being upfront with them. Also keep in mind that older dogs can be just have to start with them like you would with a pup :) best of luck...keep us posted.
Wow $300, we had to pay 800 for her deposit but like i said it was totally worth it :)
That's a lot of money!  I wonder if I can work it out! I'm going to try tomorrow!
By being honest, that could go a long way towards possibly getting them to bend the rules for you.. Good luck and keep us posted...Just to let you know the differences in deposits, we had to pay $1000 in So Cal when we rented a house after coming back from Ireland 8O
After seeing the pictures of the 4 year old I think I would be totally happy with her! Everyone at the shelter says that she is AMAZING. They say she is cuddly and kissy.  I'm really excited about the adult even if we can't get the pup!  Here's the pictures of her!
wow, those are tiny ears, she pure boxer?  She looks a bit stocky to me...could be wrong though
I don't know if she is a pure boxer, what else do you think she could be?  She was a stray, they found her on the freeway! She only weighs 40 lbs.
She is beautiful. I am sure you will be happy with her.
She has a pit stance it kinda looks like. I dont know could be something else.
I was thinking same thing as desiree
She is a beautiful dog anyways. I don't want you to think we think she is any less of a dog because she may be pit.
I'm not into Pitbulls... I'll have to get a good look at her when we meet her.  I thought her stance was pretty broad as well.  I've meet a lot of Pits that I like I just don't want to invite one into my house you know?  I'll watch her personality really close to see if she's got any pit characteristics.  I've worked with a lot of Pits in my day, I hope I can tell.  Thanks for the observations!
don't worry...i don't think any of us would think that...she does have a pretty careful getting another female...sometimes two females won't get along
Baz is a male! A big boy, he's 70 lbs.  we're wanting to get him a girlfriend or a sister.  Do males do well with other males?
she may be mixed with pitt or else the pic may be an odd angle that makes her look more stocky. Either way she is cute and you will have a great time with her im sure. If you really want the puppy i would be honest about your sitution and explain things to the managers.

Hope it all works out!
I hope it's a strange angle.  We only have 3-4 more months on our lease.  We're thinking we might just talk to the shelter and ask if they would be willing to bend some rules.  Either that or my faince can fill out the paperwork and put his address on it.  I thought about talking my manager into it but the last time I tried she turned me down hard core.  Sometimes it's hard to do things the right way when it can be so discouraging...  I'm still not quite sure what to do. I really want to train a pup.  We're meeting all of the dogs tomorrow, I'm so excited I'll let you all know how it goes.
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