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Intact vs neutered

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Was just curious if any members on here have had male boxers left intact their entire lives.

Reason I ask, is because I saw research involving boxers where they recommended waiting till full skeletal maturity and less instances of common boxer issues. So I'm at the point of where I was going to get him neutered and I'm thinking what is the point.

Iv'e heard all the warnings of, aggression, dominance, mounting, etc. and I can say Zuke has none of those issues.

So is there really any reason to get it done? Because it sounds like the benefits of staying intact out way neutering.
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I have also researched as so has my vet who is now good with not neutering until 12-18 months, once the bone growth plates have set. There is also significant research on cancer and behavior. When I was your neutering/spaying was basically unheard of so were all the illnesses and behavior & joint problems in dogs. I have a male st poodle pup. I haven't decided what I will do. I'm leaning toward neuter @ 2. We shall see. And I am learning more about desexing rather than neuter but I haven't enough info on that yet. I think if as a family you are responsible that your dogs does not get the opportunity to run get loose you are safe not to neuter however many people just leave their dogs outside where they can jump fences, or gates left open they should be neutered. The whole neutering/spayng became popular because of over population of pets.
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Desexing is a thing, but it's kinda of expensive and not very common??

Most likely to have it done would be a "road trip??" And unless I missed it?? You have not yet posted a picture of the new puppy yet??? So what's the deal?? Are you hanging out on a "Poodle forum??':confused:

You have friends here and we'd like to see your new dog! Heck one of my lifetime favorite dogs from childhood, is a "Basset Hound!" Don't know if I ever will get one?? But I think they are cool! :)
How did I not post a picture??? I have just been so busy with him I guess so here we go This is him at 16 weeks, he is now 17 weeks
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Standard Poodle

He has been a handful but we are seeing light. You think boxer puppies are bouncy..well ya gotta meet this guy. Kai is a laid back boy compared to "Renn". However he is housebroken, sits, down...walks on loose lead, most times and waits. He will wait for food etc. but working at doorways.He is still mouthy but improving. He no longer is making me bleed, accidental of course his teeth are so sharp and he runs with mouth open. He has excellent recall, which I think is due to him being very bonded to me. He is good in his crate. I would like him to play with the boxer but the Kai was being abused by those shark teeth, he just stands there while puppy biting him but..Kai, the boxer loves this little guy and I see improvement. He always has his leash attached so I can quickly make corrections. We started puppy kindergarten, he already knows the stuff they are doing but he needs the social end. In the beginning I though what did I do, what did I get myself into but now I am pretty happy. We will have our moments I'm sure but as long as we keep at it we will in the end have a good companion. Oh and he weighs 30 lbs already.
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Thank you all. I have no idea of which look he will have as he ages. More than likely whatever is less work for me..I'm getting old. LOL
Well it sounds like ... Pink and the fancy cut is out then?? :)

You've got a handome guy in anycase and don't let your Boxer teach him any bad habits. :)
LOL Thanks Chip...itss the boxer who is well behaved so hopefully puppy won't teach him ay bad habits. When the puppy is crazy he bites and jumps on Kai, Kai will just stand there and do NOTHING...he one time made Kai cry as he hurt him with those teeth, again NOTHING hence the tether on the puppy /and or crate time so he doesn't totally annoy.
Hmmm well I must say, that sounds fairly unusual???

It sounds like Kai is actually a "Calm" Boxer??? Is that the case??? Does he engage with the puppy and just does not like the crazy??? I would expect there to more activatice playing involving involved??? Running, circling, spinning hopping on the back, bark,bark and punching in the face??? Does Kai, not do any of that????
Nope Kai is a calm laid back boy. He will go into the bend to say he wants to play but no barking, no jumping he never ever jumps. Now outside he will run and jump around by himself but he doesn't really play with puppy yet. Maybe once the puppy is not using her teeth on him. He wants to play but doesn't know what to think about this biting. In the house he is always calm, no running no jumping, puppy or not. Even when someone comes isn, he gets all wiggly wants to be petted but then goes and lies down after getting attention. He is a good boy! I knew I'd never ever get another like him.
Oh wow ... yeah that does sound like the norm??? He sounds like a "No Drama Obama," kinda dog instead of "Mr Toad's Wild Ride??" :)

Most likely a puppy like you have now, in a Boxer would be hard to find??? Training Calmness into a Dog, is a "thing." And it does not come naturally to Boxers??? Playing well with others does take some doing but usually the Boxers are the instigators??? At any rate, maybe tug toys are a solution???

No teeth on fur as it were ... just a thought. :)
Thats a thought will try it,(tug toys) though Kai has a soft mouth and may not tug either, he is unusual for a boxer. Maybe we taught this calmness ...and maybe we will teach the poodle time
Kai plays with toys, like he will run after a ball and then run back and forth with it till he gets tired. He has some indoor toys he like mostly soft stuffs or something he can just chew on.
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