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Intact vs neutered

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Was just curious if any members on here have had male boxers left intact their entire lives.

Reason I ask, is because I saw research involving boxers where they recommended waiting till full skeletal maturity and less instances of common boxer issues. So I'm at the point of where I was going to get him neutered and I'm thinking what is the point.

Iv'e heard all the warnings of, aggression, dominance, mounting, etc. and I can say Zuke has none of those issues.

So is there really any reason to get it done? Because it sounds like the benefits of staying intact out way neutering.
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I have an intact 6 year old male. I chose to keep him intact after being given an article regarding the health benefits. He is not aggressive. He does not roam. I will not breed him. In any event, I think we are having prostate issues. Argh. Sometimes his lipstick gets stuck out. Usually it self corrects. On Sunday, he was just out there. I had to manipulate him back in and there was a spurt of blood. One spurt. That's it. I took him to the vet on Monday. They really don't know what to make of it. There is minute amount of blood in his urine, but no bacteria. She tells me the getting stuck out is not uncommon. An ultrasound several years ago showed a cyst on his kidney, but his blood work has been good. He is going in next week for another ultrasound. I am thinking he has to say bye bye to his boys. My boxer Mo, lived to 12 intact with no prostate problems.
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