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Intact vs neutered

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Was just curious if any members on here have had male boxers left intact their entire lives.

Reason I ask, is because I saw research involving boxers where they recommended waiting till full skeletal maturity and less instances of common boxer issues. So I'm at the point of where I was going to get him neutered and I'm thinking what is the point.

Iv'e heard all the warnings of, aggression, dominance, mounting, etc. and I can say Zuke has none of those issues.

So is there really any reason to get it done? Because it sounds like the benefits of staying intact out way neutering.
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Just took my one year old male to the Vet yesterday when I first got him my intent was to have him neutered at 6. months old but he had his regular exam yesterday and the Vet says he is doing really well and developing nicely he had been recommending the whole time that he not be neutered at least until he is two. Well after yesterdays check up I asked him again what he thought and he said there is no good reason to neuter him that he can stay intact his whole life and it will not increase his chance of getting cancer he said sometimes intact males will have prostate problems and if that is a problem they can be neutered at that point to help that situation. So I have decided I am not going to neuter my boy I don't like them having unnecessary surgery and he is doing just fine the way he is he is no problem. I have him well trained now he does not run off he is never loose on his own and I will never breed him. He listens pretty well and he has had no dominance issues or aggression issues he is a great dog. He weighs in at 81 lbs now and is still growing so it will be interesting to see how he matures out. I have gotten several "lectures" from well meaning dog owners and some not so well meaning basically calling me an irresponsible owner and insinuating I wasn't taking care of my dog but I am happy with my decision. I think its the right one for him.
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I think you have discovered what so many of us here already realize what great dogs Boxers are! For me there’s nothing like them! My male is intact he will be four next month he has no aggression issues and wouldn’t dream of going potty in the house. I’m glad you took this guy in, and it’s not his fault there are lots of ignorant people around when you tell them to back off with thier dogs!
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