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Introducing Hondo

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I have had 2 other boxers, a fawn and a white one. Hes my first brindle and I have been looking for one this pretty for a while. Needed some company at the shop and he sure does a good job.

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Welcome to you and Hondo, he's a cutie! Look forward to hearing more about him & his adventures.... :)
Hi and welcome to the Forum.  Your baby is adorable, can't wait to see more pictures!!!!
Hello and welcome! Your Hondo is a little sweetheart. I love the name Hondo!
hello and welcome from texas! Hondo is adorable!!!
Sadiesmomma\";p=\"31639 said:
Hello and welcome! Your Hondo is a little sweetheart. I love the name Hondo!

Im a huge John Wayne fan and when thinking of a name for him Duke was kinda corny. In the show Hondo Wayne's dog was Sam ans that was kinda plain so I decided on Hondo.  :lol:
Aww what a sweetheart,  so freaking adorable and a wiggles fan!! What more can you ask for  :lol:  Welcome from Suzanne and Poe out here in California.
Very handsome boy!!!  Love the name!!!  I'm a John Wayne fan myself!

Aloha from Hawaii!!!
Welcome!  :D
Howdy from Texas and welcome!

John Wayne was the first thing I thought of when I saw the name.  Love it!!! :D
Look how cute  that little boxer bum fits in that chair!  Hi Hondo.  You are a sweetie.
Hiya and welcome..Hondo is a cutie..Look forward to seeing more pics of him  :)
Hi and welcome! Hondo sure is a little cutie!

Welcome to you and Hondo.  He's beautiful and can't wait to see more pics of him.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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