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Just saying Hi to everyone.

We are Cinema Boxers - breeders and exhibitors, allthough we rarely breed. LOL
We ALWAYS offer breed information, and referrals to other reputable breeders, and OF COURSE we always recommend rescue.

I am an artist and a photographer, you can see our photography site in my signature. (We are actually doing a Rescue event later this year - should be alot of fun! We are doing a Bulldog rescue event this month.)

I have 2 boxers of my own here at home, AND a Bulldog! (You can see them all on our site... but....) Cosmo is a 7 year old male... quite possibly my favorite dog I have ever had the good fortune to live with in my entire life... and his daughter Ella - whos a brat, but quickly endearing herself as a favorite too. (She also ties back into my first Boxer, Nellie.)

Well... nice to be here!
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