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Is Merrick worth the $

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Went to the web site and saw they sell the 30lb bag for $62.74. WOW, and I thought nutro was outrageous! Is the food really worth that or can you find just as good qualtiy for half the price?

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I started feeding Duke Purina Pro Plan and his coat is shinny and soft, he doesn't seem as hungry as he was when I was feeding him Eukanuba.  I know some people don't like purina but I love it, he feels like a brand new puppy again, when they are still puppy puppys and their coat is so soft.  I think its great and its not that expensive.
I feed Diamond and have always been happy with it. But I might start trying something different to see if I can see a difference.
I can get a 15lb bag of Merrick for $24 at my local store, so I'd say that price is a rip-off.  I've tried several of the human grade kibbles and to me it's one of the best, but whether or not it's perfect for your (or even my) dog remains to be seen.  Canidae is cheaper while Timberwolf is raising their prices, so I'd say it's in the middle of the road right now.
I bet it is that high on the website since shipping in included. I will go the the local store and see how much it is there.
It's $39 for a 30 lb bag here
So would you recommend the puppy plate with 28% protein or the other foods with 22-24% protein?
Pup is 8 weeks old
If I remember from what Heather had said, the 28% may be too high. Chime in anyone if I'm wrong about this..I believe the protein should be about 24%...As anyone can tell you, the most expensive isn't always the best for your dog..At the end of the day, I think it's more important to find the best quality food that your dog can handle..That may mean Nutro, or Purina, who knows....I used to be on a quest to feed the best and quickly came to realize that my 2 couldn't handle the best, so now I feed Chicken Soup, which is a good quality and the price is good as well...I pay $35 for a 30 lb bag...
I pay 40 bucks for the 30lb pound bag. He loves the stuff and I don't want to change. I may have to though due to soft poopee. If the Turducken flavor doesn't work, I'll be switching. Thinking of Artemis.
We're currently switching Blitzen to Donners food, Merricks Wilderness Blend. We pay $48 for the 30lb bag. It's really the only food Donner has ever been excited about. We fed Innova for quite awhile, good quality and more reasonable price but never got the reaction Merricks did from him. Blitzen would eat ANYTHING I put in front of her so no problems there. I agree, find what your dog does well on and feed that. Just my luck, my boy likes the high end stuff!! LOL
I think Merrick is around 50 bucks for a 30lb. bag around here.  Personally, I would pay that much for dog food.  Around here, the most afforable food with good quality is Chicken Soup.  I'm paying about 41 bucks plus tax for Solid Gold Mmellinia and I really don't want to go any higher.  Our two go through 2 bags that around 33 or 38lbs. a month.
OK, I can't find any of these brands at my local pet stores...just blue buff, royal canin and nutro...does anyone know where to find merick and canidae in ny?
The best way to find them is to go to the brand websites and use the "store locator."  I actually found a store right down the street from me from the Canidae website that sells all of these high-quality kibbles and treats.  If I didn't do that search, I would have never known it was even there.

If that fails, you might just have to pony up for shipping.
Thanks...i'm gonna see if i can get a couple sample bags, b/c i really don't want to get a giant bag and find out yet again it gives him the runs
[quote="sully\";p=\"65445":35lt956w]The best way to find them is to go to the brand websites and use the "store locator."
Yes...the only reason we changed foods recently is because with three dogs, we can't keep, we picked another "A+" food from the list...if we only had one or two...we'd stick with it! As far as our dogs go, we couldn't go wrong...we used the wilderness blend...
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