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Is my female exhibiting aggression or is this just vocal play?

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idk if you all can access this video but Juniper has been being wild towards Gus more recently. She’s always been very vocal when playing with other dogs, but sometimes with Gus things get adrenalized really quickly.

As many know, we adopted Gus from a shelter back in May. There were some setbacks in the beginning, as both dogs got kennel cough. So we weren’t taking them out on walks or doing as much activity with them. Gus wasn’t able to enter training until he wasn’t sick anymore. The whole ordeal took several weeks, so it wasn’t the introduction of a new dog we had hoped for. After the dogs got better, their level of play went from 0-100. Their play was adrenalized from the get go and we spent a lot of time separating them.

Now we have been walking them daily and making sure to keep them separated at different parts of the day. We play with them outside when it’s not too hot. Now Gus attends training. While some things have gotten better, I just want to make sure I nip any aggressive behavior from Juniper in the bud.

I haven’t seen resource guarding but I’ve noticed that if my sister or I say “no” to Gus, Juniper will come in and come after Gus. Gus is a mostly submissive personality - he doesn’t just take it, but it almost seems like he thinks they’re having a grand ole time and playing with each other. Other times it looks like Gus does something to annoy Juni and she’s not shy about letting him know. For instance, Gus will go for Juni’s hind legs during play which really pisses her off. Also, if Gus is running around, Juni will go after him.

any advice or insight y’all could give me I would happily take. I’ve never had difficulty with introducing a new dog, but I’ve also never had a female boxer before either. Anything that I could be doing wrong or not doing enough- I’m open to feedback.

Thank you all!

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This may sound silly, but what kind of redirection tactics have you used/know of that work? Sometimes we try to get their attention or distract one of them with a toy or by getting them to sit. It works at times and not at others.

We have been walking them together but we can make the change of doing so separately. We will also take turns having them in the backyard and can continue that.

Currently we crate them next to each other when we leave for work. They also eat in their crates and have breaks in there when we need to separate them or leave the house for a little. On week days they are crated a few hours in the morning and then our dad comes to be with them/let them use the bathroom. From what I can tell, they mostly sleep when our dad is with them. By the time we get home they’ve been together for a few hours.My sister and I will switch off playing with them individually in the backyard and walk them if it’s cool enough outside (where we live it’s triple digit weather most of the summer). Juniper sleeps in my room & Gus stays with my sister.

typing this out I realize they are together a lot when we are home.

most of the time when I’m home, they are not calm around each other. They might rest and nap for 10 or 30 minutes and then one will wake the other up…and the madness continues.

from what I’ve read in these forums I feel like we don’t have a strong pack structure. Im wondering what things we need to do with them daily to ensure they know we are in charge.
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@chip18 I agree about the training!

when walking the dogs, Juniper seems to be more of a problem than Gus. Juniper pulls a lot and I’m honestly struggling with how to control her. I tried the prong collar on her & she went berserk. She flailed around and didn’t seem to care about it pinching her. I ordered her a new one but it has not come in the mail yet. I guess I’m struggling with how to correct that behavior -at this point I have been feeling overwhelmed which I know isn’t helping.

indoors they are pretty wild the majority of the time! They are calm with each other a small percentage of the time.
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awesome, thank you!

I just took the both of them on a walk with prong collars today and they both did pretty well. Hopefully our walks will start being more enjoyable for all of us with continued consistency and time.

and she definitely is! I love her to bits- but she can be a real turd.

I will try the squeaker, that’s a good idea. What should we look for in a trainer? I feel like most teach the basic commands, which she knows, but not necessarily how to correct unwanted behaviors or what structure looks like on a day to day basis. My sister knows of a trainer who used to work with law enforcement k9s but I’m not sure what ohil
LOL, yup, Juni is def a pain. Love her, but she is nuts! 😂

What kind of daily practices should I do with her to have this “breakthrough”’you speak of?

They are crazy inside and outside! Lately we have been separating them a lot inside because their play gets wild while indoors, which we don’t want.

I will try the crate command when they start getting too wild inside. Luckily the dogs do go into their crates on command. They are placed in the crate when they are alone during part of the day. They don’t sleep in them overnight but are fed there and are given breaks there as well.

originally the links for the collar were too small, like for a smaller breed. Now I feel they might be too loose. I’ll have to watch a tutorial.

Thank you for your help!!
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