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Is my female exhibiting aggression or is this just vocal play?

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idk if you all can access this video but Juniper has been being wild towards Gus more recently. She’s always been very vocal when playing with other dogs, but sometimes with Gus things get adrenalized really quickly.

As many know, we adopted Gus from a shelter back in May. There were some setbacks in the beginning, as both dogs got kennel cough. So we weren’t taking them out on walks or doing as much activity with them. Gus wasn’t able to enter training until he wasn’t sick anymore. The whole ordeal took several weeks, so it wasn’t the introduction of a new dog we had hoped for. After the dogs got better, their level of play went from 0-100. Their play was adrenalized from the get go and we spent a lot of time separating them.

Now we have been walking them daily and making sure to keep them separated at different parts of the day. We play with them outside when it’s not too hot. Now Gus attends training. While some things have gotten better, I just want to make sure I nip any aggressive behavior from Juniper in the bud.

I haven’t seen resource guarding but I’ve noticed that if my sister or I say “no” to Gus, Juniper will come in and come after Gus. Gus is a mostly submissive personality - he doesn’t just take it, but it almost seems like he thinks they’re having a grand ole time and playing with each other. Other times it looks like Gus does something to annoy Juni and she’s not shy about letting him know. For instance, Gus will go for Juni’s hind legs during play which really pisses her off. Also, if Gus is running around, Juni will go after him.

any advice or insight y’all could give me I would happily take. I’ve never had difficulty with introducing a new dog, but I’ve also never had a female boxer before either. Anything that I could be doing wrong or not doing enough- I’m open to feedback.

Thank you all!

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Yep the clip worked fine. And while the "Doggy Training, class," is fine. It's not really gonna address any of your "issues." Most "generic," dog training classes are geared towards, basic socialization, Sit/Stay and Come and how to walk well on a lose leash. And while that is all well and good ... it is not gonna help with your issue. And while I am not saying, it is not helpful (to attend the classes) it's not gonna solve your "issue's." Although the loose leash walking is very important!

So I'll start there. When you take both of them out on a walk, how do they do? Are they "both," walking calmly by your side? Or are they pulling and tugging and darting all about?

Indoors, do they both just chill the heck out or do they engage in more running around and horse play inside? And just so you know it is the girl, that set's the base line for what is going on here. They do need to learn "chill," in each other's presence. If they want to play that is fine. But you do need to be able to put a "clamp," on the "crazy," with a "Command (ie training.)"

And the "Walk," is how you need to teach (them/her) who is in "charge." So how do they do "indoors and on walk's?"
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Wait what? You use Crate's but they don't sleep in them? That is "Freaking Brilliant! I or most other's, I dare say, never thought of that? Most on here, want our dog's to sleep with us. And that is why most don't Crate there dog's. And that is why most don't crate there dog's? But there is no law that say's you can't do 50/50? And since you are, let's go with that for the screwing around indoors as a start!

Now this is easy for me to say but I think it can work, for the indoors horse play. You need to bring both Crate's into the area inside where you let them roam. And then let them do whatever? (Now it should be next to nothing, but I'll let that go.) But as soon as they ramp up into crazy town?

Pick one and drop the hammer! Command one of them into there Crate and let them stay in for an hour. While the other does whatever. Let them out and try again, repeat as necessary. Try and see who is "actually starting the Horseplay, and that should be your focus. Most likely it is the girl but I don't know?

And you may have help to step up up your Command? Your not asking them, you are "Telling Them!" Give that a shot for ... two week's and see what happens? Now I have not done anything like that myself, but it makes sense to me. :)

And the break thru, I speak off. You may just see it in that two weeks? What it look's like is no BS, no Crap. The dog just complies because you "Say So." But the dog, has to believe in you for that work. Hug's and Kisses aren't enough. No coxing no baby talk, no BS. You have already laid the foundation so that should work? :)

Now that is not addressing the indoor BS, directly? But avoiding direct conflict is kind of how I like to work. I got more but hey Baby Steps. :)
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OK, next up the Walk. If one can not do anything else, if one can walk there dog on a loose leash without effort? Then they will be 95% of the way to having the dog they want and not the dog they have.

And I can stat that as a "Fact," thru lesson's learned from the school of hard knocks! My Struddell my White Boxer was superbly trained. As in off leash at distance ... I could call her off a "Bunny Chase," by shouting "NO!" And on leash a little old lady in a walker could walk her around the block, without issue, she was that good. :)

I kind of though all dog's were like that? But apparently they are not? My first Foster Fail, Working Line GSD, showed me that I was wrong? My Stru was a great dog ... but she is not why I am here? My Wl GSD in the beginning, Kicked My ASS! As in send you to the hospital for stiches', when you got in the way of him attacking your Band Dawg! And oh yeah ... I don't much care for people either!

Good Times, Good Times. In the long run, he proved to be a great dog! As in "Saved My A$$." Un bid when I slipped on ice while defending him, while under a two dog attack! That was freaking epic and left me stunned?

That's another story and I did more (Place and Sit On The Dog,) eventually ... by accident (ie this makes sense?) But our journey to recovery started by me "Walking Him," One on One. And Struddell, did not approve! But it had to be done!

And while I at the time, had no idea what I was doing? We spent month's walking one on one in silence at night. Rocky started to change? But not being a "Pro," I did not see changes in how he perceived me but they were there. :)

That is a long way of saying, that two dog's are more work than one. As long as you insist on walking both dog's together, you will impede your progress.

And while it took me literally year's to figure out all I had done to solve my "Rocky," issues apparently without issue? It was nothing new. I had started by "Walking my dog!" It was just that simple?

And while I am not a "Pro." Larry Khron is. And for him what I did is no surprise and this is his take.

And since I have been doing this awhile and I only recommend "Pro's," I trust. It seems that I tend to say/recommend the same thing's they do? Now I have still not got to the "Prong Collar Thing." But that is because (in my opinion) you have to walk dog's one on one with you for sometime before, you can make progress? I would doubt most people can focus there attention on one dog (with issues) if they are walking two? But hey I can't say, I have tried walking two dog at once if one has issues?

But that is because I say "why would you do that?" Now if there happens to be a "Pro Dog Walker," on here that can do that? I "promise," I won't give them grieve! But I doubt there is someone like that here? So I go with "twice," work and one at time. :)
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LOL, yup, Juni is def a pain. Love her, but she is nuts! 😂

What kind of daily practices should I do with her to have this “breakthrough”’you speak of?

They are crazy inside and outside! Lately we have been separating them a lot inside because their play gets wild while indoors, which we don’t want.

I will try the crate command when they start getting too wild inside. Luckily the dogs do go into their crates on command. They are placed in the crate when they are alone during part of the day. They don’t sleep in them overnight but are fed there and are given breaks there as well.

originally the links for the collar were too small, like for a smaller breed. Now I feel they might be too loose. I’ll have to watch a tutorial.

Thank you for your help!!
Well all the comments and observations about the girl's are fun. But I am gonna focus on the "issues," at hand. And the "walk" is one of them. Pro Dog Walkers, and most likely Pro's in general can Walk Several assorted Dog's at once ... without issues? I don't know how they do that but I am pretty sure that out of a "Pack," at least one of those dog's is there own, a four footed dogie helper if you will.

Now they might just "book," Random Assorted Dog's?" And walk them all as a "Pack?" But I don't think so? My best trained dog's were (apparently built on the one well trained before adding another principle.) First came Gunther (Band Dawg 25 % Bull mastiff, 50 % APBT and 25 % lab) then 3 year' later my first Boxer/Pit Stewie and he was a great pup , hat I lost to early ... but trying to figure out why he was like he was "exactly," led me to Boxer's?

And while I was right in the Breed (part) Boxer. I did not see the "Girl Part?" But it still worked out and that was Struddell (Avatar.) And while I was right on the Boxer that I saw in Stewie (Boxer/Pit.) I did not see the (Girl Part?) Stru was "seriously, pigged headed and stubborn," in he beginning but with Gunther help we got thru it.

And with Gunther's help I now had two good on leash dog's, although Struddell was better. As in anyone could walk her on leash! Gunther not so much? And then came Rocky (Working line German Shepard?) And crap got real! Not a Boxer ie Bully breed so he was not to keen on people? That a dog could be like that was news to me? But skipping a whole lot, he was my first off leash dog. Mostly because I could read him. I kinda knew what he was thinking and he understood me. I could never do with my Struddell? But I am not sure if that was really her or me? I had a lot of "tragedy," around Boxer and Boxer/Pits.

So I was just willing to trust Struddell off leash in an urban environment? Which made no sense? As our favorite activity was "Bunny Chasing," in the high desert and I could call her off a Chase by shouting No! And if I said "Stay!" She would freeze in motion! Three feet on the ground and one foot in Mid Air? I have never seen anything like that? She was "daddy's," baby girl. :)

But then I lost them, first Gunther in 2010, then my Stru in 2013 and finally Rocky in 2015. I should have gotten another Female White Boxer after Stru and Rocky could have helped me.
But I was stuck ... and when I lost Rocky in 2015?

We had no dog for three years? And my wife interceded with a (Female) Boxer/Pit? The (Female) part kinda ticked me off ... a (Boxer thing (two females not a good idea ... )

All my super star "Dogies," are gone? And it's just me and Bella? So I no longer have help from my other dog's? So sigh with my "Bella," I do have to say I can better relate to "JQP." :)

So that much said the "Walk." With Gunther/Stewie/ and Struddell, walking them was no big deal. They were not wild and out of control and walking them was no big deal? A Regular collar and a flat leash was all I needed. If you understand (less being more) then a Regular Collar and a Flat leash is all you need.

Rocky my GSD was a special case. He was also a "Special Need's Dog." He could be a curious combo of seriously furious and incredibly fragile. He was a "Wobble Dog," and you could not be putting any type of "Pressure on his spine! " It could have killed him! But sigh even after seven month's? He had a lack of trust in me?

Other crap had happened and I finally understood, that with my Foster Fail, I had a serious freaking issue? PacK Fights's (not Struddell and People Issues). I had no idea what to do so I just said "Screw it, I'll walk him ... alot! Now that did seriously tick Struddell off as she Luv'd Rocky! But it had to be done.

He had people issues and pack issues (which all cropped up at the 12 to 14 month after 7 months of no issues (that I saw?) But we walked one on one at night for month's and many miles?

And a side note just so you know ... most "Dog Attack's," occur close to home! That is another topic (that I have covered) but in our "Midnight's," sigh time and time again, I had to "Protect my dog!") Even thought you know he had sent me to the ER! I got in the way of one his rampages on Gunther!!

But nonetheless, he was my dog and no dog attacks my Dog without going threw me! And he learned to let "Daddy Deal," with this crap? And he would stay behind me while I did! In the beginning, I would tell him stay (if we got charged and I would step in front) after a while I no longer needed to say anything. If he heard "Bark, Bark,Snarl,Snarl" He knew the deal.

If your dog get's charged/attacked you just want to deal with the one dog and not two ... Dog's get that. And "usually," stamping your feet and or screaming go home!!! Deters most ... offenders? But apparently not all? Oh well the rest of the story is here. :

And I have strayed from my point as I always tend to do, My bad?

But my point is "Walking your dog is important." And you can't walk one reasonably behaved
dog and one that is a "PIA?" At the same time and expect to accomplish much? It really needs to be one on one as in twice the work? Or not much will change? Two dog's always walked together will be more interested in each other, then they will with you?
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Ok while that was an "aside," as it were. My point, is that those were all my "hand picked prima donna puppy's." Aside from "Rocky," who was Seven Month's when I got him and after Five months or so turned and then he turned into a A-Hole, WTH? :)

But times change, dog's pass and life moves on. I lost Rock in 2015 and no dog for 3 years or so? And then came Bella, she was a One Year old rescue and my second Boxer/Pit. So I knew mostly what to expect, except she kind of doubled down on the "girl,' thing? I had to change the way I worked, in the past. And while it did work, Bella is not like my other dog's.

I am a Slip Lead Leash kind of guy and that is still what I use Day to Day. But with Bella I had to use a "Prong Collar," for fine tuning. She is still not as good on leash as I want on leash but we go for walk's in the City. I just use a Slip Lead Leash.

And using a SLL, is apparently an Art onto itself. But since the question was about the "Prong Collar," let's go there. And if you want to understand a "Prong Collar,' and if you want to DIY, Youtube is your friend. And for the Prong Collar, one of the great's would be "Tylor Muto."

Sean Oshea is another one.

In that clip he explains about using a D link or Carbineer, with the Prong Collar. The clip attaches to the dead link on the prong and goes to the link on the dog's collar. You need to have that on a dog because a Prong Collar can pop off? IE crap happens?

If you use those guy's Youtube channel's, you will find all you need to get it done. But because she has already negative associations with the "Prong Collar." It might make thing's a bit tougher for you? I alway's use a Slip Lead Leash with unknow dog's myself. They have to e fitted high and snug and yep the will slip and move out of position but I address that as needed. But long story short ... a SLL would work the same as the "Prong," for the most part.

It would go a lot like this.

Well I got more but I'll try and not ramble. And my Bella (PIA that she can be) went on a walk in the big city today on a SLL and she did just fine. I'd give her an A-, she's very good but not just anyone could walk her. :)
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