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I am in the process of evaluating if to use one of these fences and e collars all I can say is I have a lot of
reading to do

I used these 25 years ago and my boy would take the zap

There is an ozzie trainer who stops them from being collar wise by using a bell on the collar
for the boundary system

My Main reason is we do not have a fence at front though fenced at back
and the other reasons is deadly snakes etc so it

I am impressed by how some expert trainers use these things (mainly as a pager) so the dog can be given
more off lead freedom for training they will only make your training better if it is good used incorrectly like anything they have the potential to be less effective.

There is a lot to consider
Most sane trainers have them set on a tingle a human can not even feel

We have a kinder a high school a motorway and it also national parks near by so there are a lot of scenarios
that I do not want to entertain.

Even with snake proofing a Dog in our neck of the woods you have to go 10 different types of snakes in 10 locations
because the recognise snakes by smell as well

What I am saying is for training (anything) boundary snakes recall
it is not as simple as I push the button and they are trained?

All the training Gurus have their take on this


his favorite collar

This Guy has the balance right

I am going to use one to back up a conventional fence
and then after high level conventional training it will be used for recall under distraction and snake proofing

While I ponder if this is going to work I am running galvanised mesh around the bottom to stop digging out
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