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Is this normal (scratches on belly) (pic)

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Just wondering...

Ares didn't have these yesterday and I only noticed them today after about 20 minutes of playing at the park in the wet grass...I think it may be just him "dive-bombing" his throw toy and sliding in the grass, but just wanted to make sure...

I just checked again and they're pretty much gone already just from being home for about an hour...


Oh yeah...check out that dirt under his belly...he is so dirty it isn't even funny.  I think splashing up mud is his favorite thing to do.  Supposed to rain here all week, so he should have a blast...and of course rain means I'm not out I get to spend more time with him.
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Looks like its just from the grass rubbing...
Maybe sliding on rocks in the grass? Toby gets tem when he's playing outside too.. I tend to just let it go..
So you think it's just grass rubbing on the belly...he didn't seem to be bothered by it.  They're all gone now.
Macy gets a red belly like that sometimes. It's usually from playing with Guido or running through the woods (when she runs away). It usually goes away after a while.
uridiscence\";p=\"24463 said:
(when she runs away).

Alright thanks.  I'm not going to worry about it really...I mean I'd probably get the same thing on my stomach if I dove at something in the wet grass for a half hour lol
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