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Isis helping me work tonite..NOT ( PICS)

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Ahh I love that dog... she is too cute
G dogs don't understand working...all they understand is PLAYING!
She's so cute!  I think I see a little grin on her face! :D
Aww..she's a happy pup right there!  :D
Boxers are the best snugglers! Great pics, Ky.
She looks like a happy little girl, and so do you.

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Well I guess Isis just was tired of you working on the pc Ky..Figured it was her turn now  :) Both of mine get that way at times too, Angel especially, she will come into the office sit on her back legs and put her paws on my arm and STARES........ :lol: Isis is just soo sweet, hard to deny her much
Puppies know best!!  I'm sure it was well past time for you to take a snuggle break, Isis just made sure you got it  :lol:
I just love the way she is holding on to your leg, Isis is such a sweetie.
Aww, is that Isis way of saying "PAY ATTENTION TO ME MOM"!  She's such a sweetie....I think I'd rather cuddle with her than work!
haha ya she
Isis needed some "mommy time."  Charlie and Sadie would be content to cuddle 24/7!
Patch does this to me as well... in fact he is doing it this morning...
not sure how i missed this one but it is great!! Isis looks like she is helping out ever so much :D
haha ya helped me out hehe..shes so funny...she woke us up late last night..barking..she was downstairs on her pm patrol and let us know there was an intruder in the yard..a HUGE cat trying to get in the garbage can.
Awhhh... I love those pics!! Odin does the same stuff ALL THE TIME. What is that called the "boxer lean". Isn't that amazing how they do that!??? Odin drives me nuts with it.

She's sooo gorgeous... she just wanted to cuddle mommy! lol
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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