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Isis Is Doing Better..update with pics...

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Hahahahahaha... Isis is HIGH!!!  That awesome.  I didn't realize she had that many spots on her belly???
Isis, do you want to come to Michigan for a visit so I can smoosh your mushy face? I would really love that!  She looks great Ky and Im glad you are both doing better.
I am so glad to hear that both of you are feeling much better!!!! Isis is like, whoa- this is some good stuff I got!!!!! hehe
alright since I been MIA for so long I had to go back like 50 pages to see what was wrong with my poor Isis! I'm so glad to hear she's doing better please give her tons of kisses from me  :D YAY for you also being off bed rest..OMG I would of went
Now that progress report just made my day Ky...Both Isis & you...She's looking great, well except for looking high that is  :lol: Glad to hear you are off bed rest, I know that was driving you nutz...Big hugs to both of you..Now please, don't over do it, ok?
Oh yeah... that's gonna happen... "stay outa the water for 2 more weeks" - RIGHT!!!
" & mom smooshes my face all the time i hate it !! "

Im sorry sweetie thats what happens when you are so gosh darn cute.. boxers are notorious for it! I thought you knew?:p
she said " ya ya i know :roll: but JEEZ !!" oo and she also said to email Molly here hahahahhaa
Ok but only if your mom promises to potty train her and then send her back :lol:
On a water bed? She would feel like SHE was surfin!
I think she is feeling icky today... really lethargic and whiny...I wonder what the deal is..
Are peas bad for boxers? I gave her some of mine last night...
Hey, you ever use your messengers? I just sent you a message on yahoo.
Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.
Thank you God! :D
So glad to hear you girls are on the road to recovery! I bet your family is glad too - it is always hard when the anchor is down. But of course, I am sure they have a new appreciation for you now, don't they???  :lol: I just love those blue eyes - Isis is so pretty!
So glad to hear that you two are feeling better; Isis is looking great.  Have fun this weekend but don't over extend yourself (don't want you sick again) and be safe.
Ky, what was/is wrong with Isis? Glad to see you too doing better..
SummerLuv\";p=\"67650 said:
Hey, you ever use your messengers? I just sent you a message on yahoo.
i jst added you to yahoo & msn...i didnt  know who it was so denied ooops
grumpee\";p=\"67744 said:
Ky, what was/is wrong with Isis? Glad to see you too doing better..
long story lol short of it was she had a bad infection from something in our hard...shes good now though..hope it doesnt come back after meds stop :?
glad to see you both doing better, sucks to be down for so long ;)
8O ya made me crazy..ty for the well wishes...we are feeling much better :D
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