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It's Never Too Late For a Boxer to Learn to Swim

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Zara was a hopeless swimmer - back legs sunk, front paws thrashing the water etc.  If we threw a stick into the surf she would wait for the waves to bring it back into shore.  She looked to all extents and purposes like your typical winter born boxer trying to swim by boxing the water, surely a recipe for a whirlpool of dysfunctional activity.  You can teach an old dog new tricks and you can teach boxers to swim!!  We spent time coaxing her into the pool to chase a plastic bone that floats on the water and now she glides through the water like a platypus. She does this big leap and dive into the pool and actually swims like a normal dog!  She will now swim out in the surf to chase a stick and quite by accident has caught a wave or two in.  She loves the water and we now have a water-baby.
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Jetta loves to get into the water up to her chest, but she hates when her legs don't touch!

Jetta the "Road Warrior"
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HAHAHAHA the funniest thing I ever saw was my parents boxer JACK swimming...My parents live on the I threw a stick in the river for my LAB...and she was swimming, well he got jealous and went out there...he looked like a person drowning who was freaking is the funniest thing, my LAB brings back the stick, I throw it again, and there he goes matter how many times I threw it he kept trying it was soooooo funny...I couldnt stop laughing...but surely if anything had happened I would have been right in there rescuing him lol lol lol
Ahhh this post gives me hope for Donner, he swims like a stone  :lol: Doesn't flail around, just stiffens up and would sink if we didn't have hold of him!! He will walk 20 ft out of his way just to avoid a mud puddle, and gets very nervous when we're in the pool. I think only seeing 1/2 of us above the water freaks him out!! I think Blitz will be my water baby, she stomps her feet right through mud puddles just like a little kid  :D
It's been winter here (obviously), so Tyson has not been swimming since he was a tiny puppy.  I don't know if he will remember how to!  He loves the bath though.
You bet you can teach them!!! Buck was my water baby, Tia didn't want any part of it..Samson was 6 when I rescued him and we taught him how to enjoy a nice swim as well....

Here's Buck
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