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Jack (and Rio's) first day of their week long visit...PICS

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So we have been home for about 2 hours...right now the two boxers are outside chasing each other and wrestling...The lab (Rio) is laying in the grass now...

Now these pics...I went outside and started throwing Lette's ball, and as you can see the lab got it...Well she is older and both of the boxers seem to respect her (which is good)  so from the pics you can see Lette wants the ball but is veryyyyyyyyyy scared to take it, and Jack just said forget it!!!! lol  

Glad they are here to let Lette have some company for a few days.  I hope Jack comes to stay forever soon  :D

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Re: Jack (and Rio's) first day of their week long visit...PI

How cool, looks like everyone is getting along great....Rio was one of the name's I was considering for the new pup, by the way..Both Rio & Jack are handsome guys
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