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As we all worry about our babies and lumps....Jax had a lump on the end of one of his ears and after removal and biopsy, it is a benign plasmacytoma.

The vet gave me some information. I've googled it and have read past threads on here that I could find.

If this comes back on his ear, we will remove more of the ear to try to prevent another occurrence. I don't care what he looks like as long as he's healthy.

I understand he may get more, and one day they may be malignant. I don't like it, but it is a reality.

The vet noted they are genetic so while our puppy can't 'catch' it (like he could have if it were a wart like we originally thought), Jax's litter brother Tundra may get them too. They are 4 years old now.

I'm mostly worried at this time about Jax or Tundra getting or having a plasmacytoma mass internally - or worse in their bones.

Jax is not usually a self-licker, but he has been licking one of his front legs over the last few weeks- and there is nothing external that I can find causing this.

I am certain I am paranoid to some degree as these are my babies- I can be candid about this.

I'd like to know if any of you have had a boxer have these lumps and not ever turn malignant.

If you have had a boxer with internal lumps and if so how did you find them?

If you have had a boxer with bone cancer.....and what caused you to get them checked and diagnosed...

This is a reality of having these wonderful nubs in my life.

I appreciate any input / advice and my sympathies in advance to those who have experienced this with their furbabies.
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