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Jessie and her Rangers Jersey!

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She was a real champ when I was putting it on, but she was in Shauns lap which im sure is why she didnt struggle at all...

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She looks so cute!

I especially like that first picture with her looking out the window.
BRUINS shirt would look better!!! LOL

Kidding, looks very cute...
Lol, Angela, get her a pair of skates & a hockey stick & she will be ready to go :) those are cute pics
Jessie looks awesome in her Rangers jersey!  :D  I know I'm going to really age myelf here, but it brought back a ton of memories of my Ranger days and my crush on Ron Duguay! Lord I thought he was the hottest thing skating out there! Of course, I think he thought that too!  :p

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Jessie looks so cute in her shirt; they need her as a mascot  :)
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"64642":3nzxnbdq]Jessie looks awesome in her Rangers jersey!
Very Cute!  I think you need to bring her to a game :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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