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Jetta and her uncle, cousin, and 1/2 brother

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Here is Jetta and her 1/2 brother (he lives at my mom's house...he is my dog and my sis's dog...we bought him together 5 years ago. He is a German Shepard, Golden Retriever, and sheltie mix)

Here are a couple of Simba by himself (worn out by my baby)

Here is Jetta and her uncle...he doesnt like her much...

He is an 8 year old Italian Greyhound and beagle mix

Here is Gremlin (pomchi...absoluetly hates Jetta...she is only 4.6 lbs and Jetta is too much for her...this is my little sis' dog)

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:lol:  :lol: Very cute and funny pics. I'm not surprised that her 8yr old Uncle is not fond of your little ball of energy! He's probably more interested in chilling out! I'm glad that her and Simba had a fun romp.

BTW Jetta is looking VERY big and healthy.  :)
Funny thing is is that Simba is 7 years old...and also acts like a puppy, lol
wow jetta looks like she is growing-lovely little collection of animals-all adorable
"Yeah...Jetta is 19.2 lbs...Simba about 45 lbs...Buster is a husky 26...
Wow little Jetta is getting big - she has a wonderful family.
aww they are all so cute! Thanks for sharing.
Wow, Jetta is getting big. I love the floppy ears. Too cute.
Lol at Jetta's extended family..You really can see how much she has grown as well..Looking good  :) ...Off topic, ar ethose Hummels on top of the TV? My mother collected them for years..We have about 40 or so that we need to disburse...
Yes...those are mom used to collect them...we ran into hard times after my parents got divorced and she had to sell all of her good ones.
What a great family, Simba and Jetta look like they had a great time together.
Great pics....cute dogs! Jetta looks like she had a blast playing with her family!  She's getting so big!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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