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Jetta at 8 weeks

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Jetta is absolutely precious!!! She is so adorable and looks like she has a beautiful new collar and loves her toys as well as her feline buddy!!!  Couldn't be cuter if she tried!!!
OMG im in love! she beats your cat up pretty well....mav would lose an eye if he tried that with our cat lol.
haha, yeah jetta fighting the cat is great... Baron don't play that thou, hes a brute. awesome pics.
She is so beautiful...just gorgeous...she's everything I hope to have in a little girl someday! You should be so proud...

Here is one of the cat alone...

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the cat has nice markings and she wears a collar...such a good baron wont let me put one on him :(
she even walks on a leash...better than Jetta
soo cute!  :D
Jetta is so cute....Makes me miss baby Fiona..... :cry:
oh how i wish my cats would play with the dog... :( they all have claws so im too scared to even let them try.  jetta is adorable!
Look at that sweet little face!!! She is precious and yup, she sure is growing too.....Great pics
the second to last photo is just perfect!
OMG!  Jetta is too cute!  I love her!  I want a puppy....but I gotta wait.  Also, your cat is really cute...very pretty!
She is so cute and growing so fast.  Looks like she is having a great time with the cat.
The cat has claws...but seems to love playing and I figure when Jetta gets too rough...a nice scratch should teach her her lesson
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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