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Jetta think my feet and hands are toys...

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Jetta is constantly matter what we do...say no, ouch, bad, tap her nose, etc...she keeps biting us.  we try to walk away and she pounces on our feet and I have so many cuts on my feet I can no longer wear flipflops...I try putting a toy in her mouth, but she is not interested in toys at all...I am really not sure what to i train her to use toys *if so, how?* or do I hit her nose or what?  She has very sharp teeth and I just don't want to keep getting hurt.
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Tyson does the same...great question...waiting for responses...
Beckham went through that phase too!  Just keep being consistent, try yelping really loud (imitate a puppy yelp) or making some strange noise that will startle her and then redirect with a squeaky toy or something.  Ignoring them works well too (wear socks or shoes).  Eventually they will just get it.  It's a painful process I know.  We yelped, ignored and eventually it just hit home.  Good luck!
but what if they don't like toys...don't like toys at all...
I am crossing my fingers that Tyson will soon learn.  He pretty much just walks around with his mouth open waiting to nibble our hand!! J/K!!  But since he is a puppyhis teeth are super sharp and it kinda hurts.  Nothing has worked yet, we will just have to keep trying.
Have you tried any of the flavored nylabones?  Beckham was confused by toys at first too, but learned to love the puppy nylabones that are chicken or liver flavored.  Also loves anything that squeaks.  
You might have to stick to the ignoring route if she doesn't like toys.
Sadie is in this phase right now! She is getting a little better than she was, we have been doing all the things Beckahams2ndmom mentioned. Yelping, no bite!, ignoring, and diverting with toys. From what I have read it is not an overnight solution, it takes some time but just keep consistent with it! (this is what Im counting on!)  :)

Michelle";p="32076 said:
He pretty much just walks around with his mouth open waiting to nibble our hand!! J/K!!  /quote]

:lol:   :lol:  Sooo true! minus the Jk! haha
tried the nylabones...she doesn't like em...she like rawhide (my mom gave her some, but i told her not to after i found out) and that's it...she is a very slow learner...she is still screaming in her cage everytime we put her in and it's been a week...I really am not sure if I keep doing things wrong or something...sigh...she doesn't even like her squeeky soft toys...
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