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Just a few concerns

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Sam is 8 weeks old,brought him home Saturday,today is Tuesday night.
 First is an 8 week old supposed to sleep all the time,i mean he'll get up and eat drink some water play with us for about 10 to 20 minutes,then goes pver to his bed and sllep.Is that normal?
2nd is his nose he's dry and warm,i thought they were supposed to be cold and moist ish...
 ive raised a lab from pup to 14 yrs,but i know i have a totally differant breed now.can i get some advice to my questons,ty
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Puppies sleep more than they are awake from my experiences as for the nose I dont know...
the nose varies...jetta's is more wet when she has been active and playing, but normally dry...

Puppies sleep a lot...10-15 minutes play sessions...long naps
He sounds fine to me.  Pups will sleep alot the first few weeks but that will all change.  As long is his nose is not excessively dry he is fine.  Sounds like he is eating and drinking and doing the other things well.  That is what I use to tell if mine are feeling alright.


Thanks everyone for all the input. This forum has been really helpful. We will definately be active members here.
Howdy from Texas and welcome! :D
Babies sleep alot.  He'll get more active later.
Also, I was told the only reason a dog has a wet nose is cause he licks it. :)
Zhanna\";p=\"73867 said:
Also, I was told the only reason a dog has a wet nose is cause he licks it. :)
HAHA  I like that and will have to remember it.....Yes it is true that a cold/hot/wet or dry nose means nothing....Sometimes with a very dry nose they can be running a fever but you will notice they feel bad more then the nose is dry......Sounds like you got a normal pup there to me :)  Welcome!
I definitely think you've got a normal pup... Dex would all of a sudden wake up and play like crazy for 10-15 minutes then would just drop to the ground and be asleep within seconds. He'd sleep for-e-ever.
I was also told that a dry warm nose means they're sick; I freaked out a lot about this when we first got him but the vet said it's because they're not as active when they're that young. Their nose is some way of sweating? Kind if like panting? I dunno.
No worries though:)
Welcome to the forum, would love to see pictures of your new baby.
Definitely sounds normal to me..Would love to see pics of Sam :)
samsonsmom\";p=\"74032 said:
Definitely sounds normal to me..Would love to see pics of Sam :)
i cant figure out how to make pic smaller to fit avater or even pic at that matter.i did put a couple up on the pic board though
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