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I was wondering to myself if I should share this story, but decided to just as a reminder.

This morning I had a 8 year old yorki (larger one about 12 pounds) come in and he had been attacked by a Rott.  The owner of the dog has an invisable fence and has never had a problem with his dog (the yorki) staying within his yard.  The problem was that the neighbors Rott got out of it's fence somehow and came into his yard and chased the little Yorki down and attacked him....

It was obvious by the signs on the yorki that he had been grabbed by the neck and shaken pretty bad.  His body temp was so low and he was in shock, it also caused internal injury and blood was coming from his nose along with a colapsed trach....The result was the Yorki being put to sleep and a very upset and needless to say pissed off owner.

The reminder is to try and always watch them even if you feel they are safe in the yard.... fence/no fence/invisable fence.... You just never know what can happen :)

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