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Just a walk in the park!!

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I've started taking the kiddos to the park for their walks as I was really getting tired of fending off all the roaming dogs in our neighborhood...Grrrrr..We live outside the city limits, no leash laws and people have no regard for dogs, they just let them roam wherever....

When it was just Samson, I carried a walking cane and would use that, but it's a lot harder with 2, esp as Angel is a handful anyways...So off to the park we go...Have to keep them on lead, as there isn't a closed area I can let them run..Don't think people would like it if I let them run on the baseball diamond... :wink: There's a pond in the middle of the walking paths and of course that means birds, specificaly ducks, now with babies....Angel is determined that will get those birds, one way or another!!

So with leashes in hand, I managed to get a few pictures of my 2 enjoying their walk...

Samson says, it's time for a break Momma

Part of the park pond, you can see the ducks swimming around

Angel staring at the ducks

Here's what she was staring soo intently at...babies

Maybe if we get inthe water, they will come to us
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I bought a medium size 3 for Roxy and it was too big at first but I think she may have grown a little bit because it kinda fits her now!!

Im not sure I told you guys but Roxy is small dog aggressive probably because shes been attacked by so many!! Anyways I have been working with her on her socialization when we go to petsmart once a week and I just HATE the small dog owners! I mean they have a poodle or something and they stand there and watch Roxy going bazerk while Im trying to calm her down they just stand there and are like "Oh you shouldnt have her in here" "shes mean" blah blah blah! Take your freagin dog and walk away dont just stand there duhhhhhhh. Anyways they (small dog owners) always seem to have those retractable leashes on their ankle biters and let them go whereever they want in the store. This woman lets her poodle thing run right up to Roxy, she wasnt even looking in the little dogs direction, so it scares the crap out of her when this little dog ran right up and jumped on Roxy! So obviously she went in attack mode! I was trying my hardest to keep her calm and she slipped out of the Halti!! It was hooked to her color so I still had her but I thought that little dog was dinner!!! I screamed at the woman because the whole time this was going on she was basically standing in the other isle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:
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