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Just adopted ghost and could use some help!

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Hello everbody, Last friday we adopted ghost, a 6 year old "ultra Flashy",skinny boxer. He has been a great addition to our family. Except for the GAS 8O .I have a 14 month old who put him thru the gauntlet of baby torture on his first night here with no signs of even frustration. Could realy use some of your guys help to get him back into shape, hes prob about 45 pounds and may have some allergies( his white eye keeps swelling up )

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Well I look forward to chatting with you guys

Copake, N.Y.
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You wouldn't want him to gain weight too quickly.  Ask your vet about the best way to put weight on him.  Otherwise, just regular meals should put some pounds on him fairly quickly.  Don't know about the eye; again ask the vet.
Hope this helps.
Welcome to the forum...I assume you adopted Ghost from a shelter? Most of the times they are thin when you get them (both of my rescues were). The initial idea is just to free feed them to fatten them up..Don't do it. Give him some time to adjust & the weight will come. My Tia weighed about the same as your Ghost & she ended up weighing 65 lbs! We had to put her on a diet  :) The gas you talked about could be the food change, most boxers need a slow transition with food. Or are you using the same food? Lower quality foods will cause gas (bad). A spoonful of yogurt in with the food works well, unless he has problems with dairy. As far as the eye, I would consult your vet, it could be an infection, allergies, no telling...

Keep us posted on his progress & again, welcome
Welcome to the forum. I am new as well, great info by great people around here!
Welcome to BoxerForums! Willow is right, bad food = bad gas, and the eye will have to be seen by a vet.
I just saw this after I PMed you! We live really close to Copake! I agree with the others! Feed him slowely so he doesnt get sick! I feed Roxy Canidae and she has allergies and they are almost completely gone(I think they were food allergies!)

PS I hate to tell ya this but Boxers have gas reguardless lol!! Sometimes Roxy smells liek she could gag a maggot!
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