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Welcome to the forum...I assume you adopted Ghost from a shelter? Most of the times they are thin when you get them (both of my rescues were). The initial idea is just to free feed them to fatten them up..Don't do it. Give him some time to adjust & the weight will come. My Tia weighed about the same as your Ghost & she ended up weighing 65 lbs! We had to put her on a diet  :) The gas you talked about could be the food change, most boxers need a slow transition with food. Or are you using the same food? Lower quality foods will cause gas (bad). A spoonful of yogurt in with the food works well, unless he has problems with dairy. As far as the eye, I would consult your vet, it could be an infection, allergies, no telling...

Keep us posted on his progress & again, welcome
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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