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Hello everyone- it is the end of the school year and I am swamped with daughter, dog, and essays.  I wanted to share some things with you though.  Cactus is now 56 lbs and just a week and a half under 8 months old.  He is so well trained that I do not need to be holding the leash for him to heel, sit, lie down, and come.  I am having so much fun teaching him things.  He just discovered bubbles- my daughter blows them while he leaps and jumps and bites them.  He "walks himself" by taking his leash in his mouth and running off but always "walks himself" back to where I am at.

I don't know if you all remember but when I first got him (nearly half a year ago already!!!!) he had three seizures.  Infectious disease was ruled out.  Epilepsy is of course a condition that cannot be directly diagnosed but by eliminating all the other possibilities (tumors, etc) you can can assume it.  Anyway, I have been feeding him dry Nutro since the day I got him..... so after switching his food, I am hoping and praying that it was the food that caused his seizures!!!!

He still loves to get sand at the park and does the boxer burn on every little patch of grass we walk by.  (There is not a lot of grass here in Scottsdale).  He is still a wonderful goof ball.  His wagging nub and kidney-bean greetings still make my day.

What is new with everyone?  There are so many new people- I want to say hi and welcome to everyone!!!  I love funny stories and pictures so if anyone feels like sharing, I would love to hear.
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