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Just showin' off my babies

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They have 2 beds... but of course they always end up snuggled up

Okay mom you have exactly 2 seconds to snap that pic! I gotta go chase my brother!!

Resting after a long walk

Daddy makes a pretty good pillow
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They are too precious together!
I love the last one!  I'm kinda new here so I may have missed it, but what are there names?  Mine are Logan and Jinx.  My husband and I like X-Men.  We're such dorks!  :lol:
Hey dixie621 ---- their names are Damien and Jasmine.  My husband loved the name Damien for if we had a son but I didn't like it so much... we compromised and named the dog Damien instead  :lol:
I wanted to do Romeo and Juliet or something like that but I lost that battle :roll:
Very cute!   :D  Are they close in age?  They look like they get along very well.
Hey Alicia --- they are brother and sister (believe it or not).  Damien is huge compared to Jas (he's got a good 8 lbs on her).  She's my dainty one with the willfullness to make up for it  :lol:
Nothing better than snoozing with the babies after a long walk.  They all look so cute together.
Oh my goodness, those are too cute!!! I really loved that last one...Angel like to sleep like that as well, usually drapped over Marq's rear end  :lol:
Beka, they are adorable! Great pics!
Very cute pics!  :D
those are quite beautiful brindles
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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