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Just started Canidae yesterday.

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I started mixing Canidae in with the Science Diet to get Tango changed over to the Canidae.  I wanted to know if Canidae only has the small bites.  I wanted to make sure I got the right kind.  It is the All Life Stages.  Compared to the Science Diet Puppy Large Breed the bites are a lot smaller.  He seemed to cobble it up and hopefully will take to it.
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Yes the Canidae All Life Stages is a small kibble. That is great to feed right from the start. I hope Tango likes it and it agrees with him!
Thanks, thats what I was hoping.  I think if I start him out on it now he will just be used to the smaller bites.  He did seem to really like it, I just hope he sticks with it.
I have Sophie and Kane on it and they both love it.  I moisten Sophie's so it's easier for her to eat, but then she just runs over Kane's bowl and steals little crunchie bites.  Sometimes Sophie doesn't feel like eating her moistened Canidae, so I add a little of the canned Canidae and she'll gobble it down.  Sound like a commercial don't I.  Hope Tago tolerates it and likes it.
So far so good, does the type of food you give really effect things like eye goo?  Lol, not sure what else you would call it but I remember reading something about some foods giving the dogs more eye goo when they wake up than others.  I thought it was just something normal when they wake up.
That was me :)   It wasn't just when she woke up it was all day long and great huge gobs of it.  Called the vet and she said it could be allergies and if it wasn't green it was OK.  I stopped feeding Canidae to her because she was pooing so much and was really soft.  Around the same time the eye stuff stopped and was back to normal, so I figured it was just something in the air.  I really didn't connect the two until I read that someone else on the forum had stopped feeding it to their dogs because of that.  When I asked the vet she said that sometimes allergies (including food allergies) will irritate the mucous (sp?) membranes of the eye and cause a lot of discharge.
I have Sadie on Nutrience now (only because thats what the breeder fed her) I was also thinking of switching her gradually to the Canidae in a  few weeks, but now I'm not sure  :doh: I guess its a trial and error thing to find out what's best for your dog...
I know a lot of people who had great success with Canidae and that is why I wanted her on it.  Too bad it doesn't agree with her.
Tango is loving the Canidae right now and hasn't had any problems, I have only heard great things about it.  As long as he keeps eating it and the benefits are good I will keep him on it.  Everyone I talk to around this area can't believe it when I tell them Science Diet isn't a good food.  That is pretty much what people give because I think every vet and pet store pushes it so much.
Maybe they make commission off Science diet sales or something... :lol:
Yeah that is what I have heard which makes the switch to a different food even easier.
I'm in the process of switching Lola from Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy over to Canidae.  Right now I'm doing one cup old, 1/2 cup new.  I noticed that she's shedding a lot more than usual.  Is this from the food switch!?
When Kiah was on Canidae she shed her old coat and got a new one, it was darker and shinier but she also started pooping about 8 to 10 times a day, got a lot of eye discharge so I had to take her off it.
Hoosier was on Canidae and he stool was extra soft. He also had huge amounts of eye the point he's wake up with an eye sealed shut! We figured he was allergic to one or more of the ingredients. We switched to Merrick Wilderness and he has been pretty solid. The canned foods and are just too rich for him though, even though he loves it. The gas is horrid too.
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