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Just wanted to introduce myself

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Hey everyone.  Just adopted a 7mth male boxer the other day that is suffering from very severe demodex with secondary skin infection.  The poor thing has blood coming out of his skin from mainly his muzzle but also from different places on his legs.  He was extremely swollen all over where he's affected by the mange (muzzle, belly, and legs).  Also, just discovered he has tapeworms the other day.  Got him started on ivermectin, sulfur/benzoyl peroxide shampoo, benadryl, aspirin and broad-spectrum antibiotic for his demodex and just took his medicine yesterday for tapeworm.  When I took him to my vet on Saturday, he really thought it was too late and fully expected him to be septic already.  Luckily he wasn't.  As soon as the results from the lab come back, we'll get him started on a better antibiotic.  He's really the sweetest boy and hoping this mess will clear up soon.  The swelling has gone down considerably, the bleeding has all but stopped (skin is still paper-thin), and his muzzle is getting softer.  Even though he is getting better, we're still keeping our fingers crossed!
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Welcome to Boxer Forums!  You're giving that dog his life back.  Awesome!

Good luck.  I hope everything works out for him.
Awww...I am sorry he is having such a hard time...what is his name?  Welcome to the boards!  What a generous thing...rescuing a boxer in need...I am sure he's an angel...I've never met one that wasn't...the demo is tough...but, you CAN fight it...did they do a dip? It may take several...but, SO worth it all...

Keep us posted...we'd love to see pics(even if he's a bit of a mess right now) hang in there...we'll be praying for him!
Hope everything works out...How is his attitude? Does he still try to play all the time or just relax?
Welcome to the forums.  It is so great of you to rescue a dog that has so many problems, he will be in our thoughts and prayers.  Rescues are such wonderful dogs.
welcome to the forum! sounds like you have your work cut out for you. but as everyone says it is all worth it.your boxer will give back 110% to you.god bless you for rescuing him :D  there is alot of useful info here.would love to see pics!
48Dodge that is a great, great thing you are doing for that dog.  Big time kudo's!
Welcome to the forum and what a sweet boy it sounds like you have despite his rough start..Hoping he continues to improve and we sure would like to see some pics of him as he gets better  :)
Welcome to the forum, god bless you for taking on a challenge as that, hope everthing turns out ok for you guys.
Poor baby, you are definitely this boy's angel. Can't thank you enough for giving this pup a second chance at life. He will reward you throughout his life! Bless you, and hugs to your new boy.
Hi and welcome to the forum.   That's a wonderful thing you are doing to give a home to this poor guy.  I hope he recovers quickly and you two can enjoy a wonderful life together.
Hello and Welcome! Kudos to you for taking the lil guy in, kinda rough start at life. I am sure though you will give him the forever home he deserves. Cant wait to see pics of the lil guy.
His name's Buster.  He's got an excellent attitude about all this.   Just wants to be held and loved.  He's been good about relaxing and healing, but as he's feeling better he wants to play more.  No dips, just the oral ivermectin.  Daily dose every morning.  Seems to be working.  He's a little more itchy and some hair has been thinning out a little so I think the mites are dying off.

Pictures from Sunday night.  He's already looking better since then.  Bleeding hasn't quite stopped.  Still some oozing.  The nasty crusty skin is starting to flake off (sorry for the grossness so early in the morning).  

I'll start with a cute one

Hopefully, you've had your coffee already

Luckily, he doesn't look like this anymore!  Still no hair, and very pink, but not so swollen.

One funny thing about this little guy.  My wife used to have a dachsund and I had a greyhound until just recently.  Well, Buster has two different ears.  One is a dead-ringer for her dachsund's ear and the other looks just like my greyhound's ear.  You can kind of see the difference in the first picture.
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You've done a great thing.  Your dog will always remember what you did for him.  Thank god for people like you!  Keep us updated, we're all rooting for Buster.
aww... he is cute, kudos to you helping this dog :D We rescued a golden retriever when I was a kid and he turned out to be the best dog I ever had.. except now patch is quickly filling that role... good luck and keep us posted.
that poor baby! i just saw the pics of the little guy....i know i said it once...but KUDOS!
What a little sweetheart Buster is. Even with the demodex he is a cutie. Get better soon Buster!  :)
he is very cute! i love his first picture, how could you say no to that face!?  :D  i hope the recovery continues to go well.he will be better before you know it
Awww, he is so cute.  How could anyone let a dog get like that is beyond me.  You are an amazing person for what you're doing.  I hope Buster is feeling better very soon!  Good luck with everything and keep us posted!
We feel lucky to have him!  And no, you can't say no to that face.  We've tried and it's just not possible.
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