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Just wondering

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the toy I buy the most is from wal-mart and it is a large tennis ball on a rope. I has a loop on one end and a knot on the other. My dogs love it. But they tear it to shreads. in a matter of hours... any ideas on what i can change to that is more durable?
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I got these rings at Petsmart, we play tug of war with it.  Duke loves it.  Its just three rings connected together.
what are they made of?
Mine are really hard on toys. Plush anything is pretty much a waste of money in our house. The best I have found are ruffians brand or the cuz brand. They are rubber with squeakers. I found them both at our local petsmart.
I dont have a local petsmart but I can go online. Plush is no good here at all either. They tend to chew on weven the hardest rubber type things i have bought...
Kiah loves the Kong Wubba's.  She has two now, a camo one and a yellow one; they are pretty strong.  I would recommend if your dog shakes their heads and lets toys fly that you stand between them and your TV  :lol:  Kiah loves to let them fly.  This toy also squeaks.

Here is a link to see what they look like: ... g-toy.html
what is a  Kong Wubba's ?
here is the link to see what they look like: ... g-toy.html
Also chaeck out Ruffians, Cuz, Monkey Fists & Tuffies..I buy most of my toys from Care-a-lot pets
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