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kais and me

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Aww, Kaiser is looking for a kiss :D He is adorable, somehow he reminds me of our  Donner.
Aww...get some smooches for me too!  :D, OW...what happened to your arm??? Looks like Kais is trying to make you feel better!LOL!
Awww, look at Kaiser giving kisses..He's trying to make you feel better :)
I dumped my dirtbike.  I was riding through the neighborhood, came over a hill riding a wheelie and there was a backhoe...  I decided to drop the bike instead of hit it... It was teh lesser of the two evils, I'm fine with my results
Aww, boxer kisses; nothing better to make you feel good.  Kaiser is looking good.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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