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Kaiser is now 6 and a half months old

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hi growing has slowed a little, just under 24 inches and right around 55 pounds.   What I am most happy about is that last night we were out in the front yard and he ran away.  Well turns out he just wanted to go for a swim..  He got reprimanded for the running away but I am happy that he is turning into a water dog.  now I just have to work on the boundaries again, apparently water means more to him than getting a treat.
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Wow, he's giong to be a very TALL boy!!!!!

In regars to his running away:

Don't chase him...this will turn it into a game for him, increasing the chances of it becoming a habit rather than a slip of judgment.

Try this to get him to come back to you:

Turn and go in another direction.  Jog lightly while making loud, happy, fun noises (something resembling a turkey gobble is effective) while waving your arms in the air haphazardly. Every few seconds call his name.  AS SOON AS KAISER COMMITS TO COMING TO YOU, BEGIN PRAISING!!!  When he gets to you, give him lots of praise, affection, and toss in a bit of play to reinforce that comeing to you is a good thing and a fun thing to do.  To a dog that is hell bent on having fun (especially a pup) this will get there attention.  They think you are having a blast without them and will come to you out of curiosity.  They will want to know what you are having such a good time doing.

Your neighbors are likely to think you've lost your mind (you WILL look like and idiot of the highest order!!!), but your dog will come back,and you'll be reinforcing the idea that if he comes to you there is more fun and love to be had rather than an irritated mom.  


When he does get away and doesn't come when called.  End wahtever game (swimming, fetch, run, etc...etc...etc...) that he has decided to play and take him into the house.  If you allow him to do whatever it was he decided to do, he will think that he can ignore you and get away with it, because you have shown him there are no repurcussions for it.

Hope this helps,

Liz and Lilly
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thanks, for the advice.  I trained Haylee by carrying some sort of snack either in my hand or pocket so she would heal.   We had to train her fast, she escaped one day and on her way to the lake she ran into a car, she was ok but the car didn't stop...
Glad I could be of help!  I find it rather difficult to carry treats all the time (unless I'm training a new behavior or Boxer stubborness has become an issue on outings), so I not only train at every opportunity (anything/anytime can be used as an opportunity to train and reinforce behaviors) hut once a behavior becomes consiste=ant and effective, I require it to be used daily, but thats just me.

I'm kindof a training Nazi!!!  LOL!!!

Liz and Lilly
That is good advice. Zeus and Dante started to where they didnt care about their boundaries a while back (months ago). So that is pretty much what i did Liz.  It worked pretty good and they would come after me to play.
Wow, Kaiser is growing! It does sound like he's going to be a tall boy...Course then again, this could have been his big spurt and he may slow down....We need pictures!  :wink:
Definately need pictures.
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