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Friday evening (2/29), a Wichita reporter called and interviewed me for an hour about the canine rabies vaccine.  Apparently, there is an unorganized effort in Kansas to change the rabies immunization law for dogs from an annual to a triennial protocol.  A number of veterinarians are in favor of the change as are dog owners.  The obstacle appears to be Kay Johnson, Director of Environmental Services, which oversees Animal Services.

If you would like to see Kansas adopt the national standard of a triennial rabies vaccination protocol for dogs, now is the time to act.  You can contact Kay Johnson at [email protected] Phone  (316) 268-8351 Fax:  (316) 268-8356  Environmental Services1900 E. 9th St. N. Wichita, KS 67214. Kansas Legislators can be contacted by clicking on the link below or by copying and pasting the e-mails at the bottom of this post.

Dog owners in states or municipalities are seldom aware that the rabies vaccine they are giving their dog every year is likely a relabeled 3 year vaccine. If you click on this link , you will be taken to the Calm Animal Care website, which has posted Colorado State University's Small Animal Vaccination Protocol for its veterinary teaching hospital. In their protocol, it states: "Even with rabies vaccines, the label may be misleading in that a three year duration of immunity product may also be labeled and sold as a one year duration of immunity product."

I am happy to share my rabies vaccine materials and will assist in this effort if it gets off the ground.

A quote from the Wichita Environmental Services website: "Rabies in dogs is rare. ....In 1992, the first dog in 22 years was diagnosed with rabies."


Kansas Legislature -- find your legislator

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