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nano\";p=\"72379 said:
she is staging a protest.  My 3 1/2 year old male does the same thing.  If he doesn't get a ride in the car in the morning and I leave him home and go somewhere he will go in the bedroom (where they have beds) and chew up my bath puff.  If that isn't available sometimes he will countersurf the kitchen and look for my stuff.  Cell phone, wallet etc.  My suggestion, and what I do, is put them in an ex-pen when you are gone.  That is much bigger and contains them enough so they don't need to go looking for protest materials in your house.  They are practicing good behavior and they have more room to stretch out in and play than a crate.  It works for us.


PS my 16 month old cannot be left out unless she is tired at night for a couple of hours only.  She will do the "sofa dancing" which is rooting around in the cushions and running in circles on the couch.  She is almost always left in ex-pen except if it is later in the evening and she is tuckered out and I am only going to be gone for a couple of hours.  Their boxers, independent thinkers, and they know how to throw a meaningful protest!
Where can you find an ex-pen that can contain an adult boxer?  I've yet to see one that looked useful for anything bigger than a puppy
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