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Kiah & Lola's playdate

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Kiah (green collar) and Lola (blue collar) were joined by another boxer Bently and a black lab Abbey.  It was a great time, especially walking through the woods with all the leaves.
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Some more:


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What a wonderful place to go for a play date.  The girls are lovely and the fall leaves are beautiful.  Thanks for the pictures!!!
What a fun play date, love the pic with everyone biting the stick "Mine, Mine Mine"
I was a perfect day for the dogs, about 50 degrees so they didn't get too hot.  It was kind of a tough day to get good action shots of dogs though as it was overcast and the light wasn't too great.  Anyways, here's a handful of pics from me:

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Looks like Kiah & Lola and their new friends had a great time and what a lovely day to be out...Love all the fall colors...The "stick" pics were funny... :lol:
holy crap it looks like Onyx was there..lmao...WOW !!!!

looks like a great day you all had !!!..:):):)
Without a doubt, the best part about going to the dog park....

This was Lola for about 4 straight hours!!

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Kiah snoozed while I went shopping but was ready to go around 4:00 so I called my sister and we went to the dog park.  Now she is back in her crate with her new blanket.
WOW that looks like soo much fun! I wish I new Boxers around here so Sadie could have play dates! I'm jealous ha. I'm so glad fun was had by all! They look like they are having the time of their lives in those pics  :)
Looks like both Lola and Kiah had lots of fun. What beautiful are to be able to play in.
Woohoo!!!  Looks like they had a blast!!!
Looks like they all had a great time! Loved the pics!  :D
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