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Kiah on the front page

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I posted this the other day but it got lost after the site went down.  Last Sunday at the dog park they had a photographer from the local newspaper taking pictures (lots of pictures).  We had no idea if or when they would end up in the newspaper but last Tuesday it was on the front page.  Kiah was in the front and I am so proud he picked a picture with her in it.  In the picture with the people, I have my back to the camera (kinda of glad, have on old sweats and sweatshirt), my sister (blond) and brother-in-law (tall guy) were there with Giovanni (English Springer Spaniel).  One of Kiah's favorite playmates was there too, Aggie, the one with the ball in her mouth; she always carries it and never drops it even running with Kiah.  They are not the best quality cause I copied them off the website and they were pretty small images.


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Yay Kiah!! How could they resist putting that sweet face in the paper..
aw, such a cool pic.  congrats kiah!  such the celebrity!!!  ;)
Awe Kiah, you are a star!!! How cool is that to be a covergirl.  You look awesome.  WTG!!!
We have another star in our midst...And how could she not be put on the front page, she's by far the cutest pooch there....I like seeing stories like that in the paper, when the local paper in Madison sent out a photographer to our meetup, it generated a lot of new members for us and Angel made the front page as well.... :)
Yay!! Another celeb!! :D
That is awesome! So proud of you Kiah  :clap:
Thanks everyone, I am so proud of her and so very happy to have her in my life.

We are so lucky to have a great dog park like we do with a great bunch of dogs and owners who are members.  The park person says that sometimes people try to sneak in but now they know she is there checking tags there are not too many anymore.
A STAR IS BORN :D Great pics, dog park looks like sooo much fun. Wish we had one nearby.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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