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My 8-year-old female Boxer was diagnosed with kidney disease in March of this year. In June I had her bloodwork re-tested and it was even worse, vet thinks she only has several months maximum to live. :( She's still quite active and acts mostly fine but she's an extremely tough dog who doesn't want to show weakness and is drinking more water and vomiting more every day. :(

I strongly suspect her kidney disease was caused by the flea/tick medication Bravecto, because I gave each of my Boxers one dose of that in July of 2017, two months later is when my female started drinking more water and I've read a lot online about dogs suffering from liver and/or kidney failure and having other health problems after this medication. I so wish I had never given it to my dogs, and will never use another chemical parasite medication.

Anyway, after much research, this is what I'm currently feeding her, in addition to a balanced raw diet:

Dietary changes:

higher fat, more beef kidney, liver, heart, free-range chicken eggs and ground egg shells, wild Alaskan salmon (for omega-3 fatty acids), less bone (to get enough calcium from egg shells without too much phosphorus)


4 capsules Only Natural Pet Kidney Support (
2T coconut oil
1T raw local wildflower honey
1T organic dried dandelion leaves
1T organic dried dandelion root
1t organic dried spirulina
1t organic dried milk thistle
1t organic dried nettle leaves
1t organic dried burdock root
1000mg green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus)
200mg organic dried alfalfa leaf
750mg glucosamine sulfate
600mg chondroitin sulfate
300mg organic dried turmeric
150mg MSM
2.5mg black peppercorn extract


14.75oz can wild Alaskan salmon (omega-3 fatty acids)

She was underweight at time of diagnosis but with the added fat, and grinding up most of her food in a food processor to make it easier for her she is now back up to her normal weight. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else I could do to prolong her quality of life?
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