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Kitty in the kitty house LOL

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Some of you have chuckled over ditzy blitz in the kitty house, MUCH to her surprise there was a kitty in there too. Plus a couple other pics just for fun. Please excuse the scuzzy looking bone, it's Blitzens favorite, she carries it everywhere she can!
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hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats priceless !! kitty looks just as surprised haaha

wow same markings as Maui too...pretty kitty:D  & he loves the dogs !
that is hysterical!!!
Those pics are too cute- Blitzen is adorable and Donner is a such handsome boy!
:lol:  :lol: That's too funny...the kitty is like "get the heck out of my house!" Blitzen is getting SO big! And I LOVE Blitz for short! So cute :)
Lol, poor kitty is thinking " what in the world is she doing in my house?" Donner looks very handsome and he really seems to enjoying his new baby sister
Look at Blitzen looking so grown up!!! What a big boy, dont worry about scuzzy looking bones, tink left one of her bones outside over the winter, then tried multiple times to bring it back into the house...  :roll: It was seriously gross!
lol love the pic of the cat...looks like he is checking to make sure the burglar (Blitzen) is gone lol. And your pups are so gorgeous...i want a little girl puppy!!!!
That kitty looks huge!  8O  Donner and Blitzen are just too cute together!  :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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