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I got Lette her first Kong today, filled it with peanut butter, and she has done nothing but try and get the peanut butter out ALL DAY lol....This is a miracle TOY!!!!  Thanks for posting things about it in this forum!!!  Could yall tell me some of the things that you put in yours so I can mix it up for her????
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I melt some cheese in it - then let it cool
I put in some yogurt / pumpkin mixture - then freeze
I cut up some hot dogs and stick it in.

anything edible, it can go in.
I just started doing this for Maple as well, and I love it! keeps her occupied for at least an hour lol.  I put some peanut butter then kibble and seal it with a bit more peanut butter, she loves it  :lol:
I take banana and blend it with apple sauce and peanut butter... thing put it in the freezer till frozen... they love it!
i need to try something besides PB then...    takes binga NO time to get it out and she is done   :(

the frozen yogurt thing sounds like a good idea!
Here's some other great ideas that Lisa(Tootsie) came up with you can use also

                       KONG FILLINGS

Cheerios and peanut butter

Chunks of Apple and peanut butter

Cooked macaroni and melted (not runny) velveeta cheese

Bananas and unsweetened applesauce - freeze

Cream cheese, peanut butter, and applesauce - freeze

Applesauce with chunks of fruit - freeze

Bananas, cooked oatmeal, applesauce, and yogurt - freeze
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I've never tried a Kong with my dogs but after reading all the positve posts about them I think I might buy a couple for the "kids."
wow, all those things you can put in a Kong, got to try this thanx ^^^
I just bought britney her 4th kong but now we are buying adult sizes. This one is a teeth cleaner one....she loves it..... here in thailand kongs are around 23 dollars ! LOL all the import duties I guess!
[quote="bingasmom\";p=\"86037":2d33adsw]i need to try something besides PB then...
Last night I mushed up banana and put some PB in it as well. Squeezed it her new dental kong (yes while she eats she gets her teeth clean LOL yea right!) and froze it. Gave it to her when I left and I peaked in her house and she never even noticed me.. She is full time busy with that treat!! Love it
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