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Thank You Tootsie and Boxer Forums Admin!

This is am email I reveived today....

Dear friends & relatives!

... I am hoping you guys can find it in your hearts to help out our
Boxer Rescue program...I know most of you are not even in or near
Louisiana, but we would really appreciate your help .  We owe the vet
that takes care of our  injuries, neutering & spaying & heartworm
treatments a small fortune & we need to get out of debt....another
friend is also staging an E-Mail-A-Thon to try to earn some money
also but it lasts only 10 also has similar prizes to our
raffle.  We desperately want to keep Connie Back on good terms with
her vet as she would be totally unable to do the rescues with out his
help.  He gives her a huge discount & some services at cost, but the
bills still add up since nearly all a heartworm positive & all need
to be spayed or neutered....

THANKS for any help you can give!

1st prize is a $100 visa gift card ( good even for gas! LOL)
2nd prize is a $50 visa gift card
3rd prize is a $25 visa gift card

I have been printing & stapling & cutting tickets for I
need to sell some of them!

They are 6 tickets for $5 & I will be GLAD to fill in your
information for you on the ticket stubs ( NO extra charge! LOL)

dig deep & send a check
Made out to LA. BOXER RESCUE
please mail to:
Brenda Stuckey
224 Murlene St
Jonesboro, LA  71251

Bless you all!

Brenda Stuckey          [email protected]
BREHO BOXERS     Jonesboro, Louisiana
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the faster it goes.

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Are you friends with Brenda?   If so, maybe you can ask her about setting up a PayPal address, might open up the opportunity for more donations.

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The donate button on the site does not appear to be working or is not linking to PayPal.  I have sent Connie an email asking her to check on it....I agree if Brenda could find a way to add a link to paypal for donations and it still involve the "drawing" it would be much better....

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Regardless, I am sending a check to the boxer rescue, but if so let me know cause paypal is a heck of a lot easier....(Im an ebay addict!!!)
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