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Jessie has been a royal pain in the butt with Shaun... She wont leave him alone for 2 minutes... She is fine with me, sometimes she is a pain in the butt, crying at me for no reason... I could walk in the bathroom, or open the fridge, or open the cabinet... and she will cry at me... its very wierd...

I even sat on the floor last night cause i thought she was mad that she couldnt sit on my lap because i had my laptop on my lap doing school work... so i sat on the floor and had the laptop on the coffee table and she was laying next to me... and if i took my hand off of her for more then a second she would cry... I can type with one hand, but its quite annoying and time consuming.

I live on the second floor of my sisters friends house.  My sisters friend lives on the first floor... and they say they never hear her cry when were not there... They hardly hear her do anything... I think she sleeps all day...

And shes not being destructive either, so i dont think its boredom... i think shes just pissed that we arent paying attention to her the entire time we are home!!!

Anyone else have an issue like this...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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