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Let the destruction begin..

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Well I jinxed myself , was just telling my mom how good Brodi has been with not peeing or destroying anything when I leave him and this is what I came home to this afternoon...I had a package of nature's miracle wee wee pads up on the counter that I had planned on giving to my friend for her puppy and Brodi destroyed the whole package. I had torn up pads all over my kitchen, living room, couch and chair. I'm not sure if he ate any but wondering if it could hurt him if he did? The material inside of them is weird almost like foam. BTW cast came off and I only have to wear a brace now
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Oh my, Brodi, what are we going to do with you? Shari, I don't know what those are made of, but definitely keep an eye on him. Hopefully he's already um, thrown up everything he attempted to eat....I would be careful of what you feed him this evening as well, just in case
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