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Lette has a new

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Lette has a new crate and as ya'll know she was a rescue dog so I have no idea what she had been through...well....she is adjusting to it, but still hates going in there...if you are no where near her crate, she will go play in it and sit in it.  If you walk towards her she runs towards the door like she wants to go with me...its breaking my heart but I am trying.  If you have any tips let me know!!!
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Just hang in takes some time to adjust!  The main thing is to make it a nice/fun place and never make her feel she is going in there as punishment. I used the Kong and filled it with peanut butter.  When Fiona needed to go in there for me to go to work she associated getting a Kong with it and she would about knock me down to run and get in her kennel.  After a while we just left the door open on it and would find her in there if she was tired or wanted to get away.....
I always treat Kiah when she goes in the crate (its just her kibble); I say crate and she flies into the crate and lays down, I put some kibble in there and make her wait to eat it, once the door is closed I tell her to get it, then I leave.  She has never gotten tired of our game with the crate.
I agree with Sharon....we make sure to give them treats and make it fun.  Duke loves to play with the doors if we are in the room where the crates are he will try and open the doors....He knows how to unlock and open them from the outside.  He doesn't sleep in there...the cats and Tabs will sleep in Dukes crate but thats it....Duke likes the bed :)
Cool, I will try those if one or the other doesnt work.  Great ideas.  I dont want her to think its a bad thing!!
Yea, treats are the ticket for Lucy. As soon as I reach into the cabinet to get treats, she bolts into her crate...Hang in there, she will adapt.
Angel is great with the crate, I just open the door and in she goes..I always give her a treat and of course Samson, even tho he isn't crated....Try playing games with her in there as well....There's a Sticky topic about crate training that you might want to check out too....
Ok Lette responded to the treats so far lol...even so much as laying in there to see if I will give her a treat...she is a smart cookie...boxers are toooooooooooooooo smart!
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