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Lexie and her odd behavior

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Hi Guys,

We went out of town last weekend and we left Lexie and Sammy at a boarding kennel for about four days.. According to the owner, they did outstanding, however, ever since we got Lexie home she's been acting odd.. She's been sleeping really close to us, pretty much right up beside us! Plus, she's been panting ( probably spelled it incorrectly ) a lot! Could this be that she is nervous that we're going to leave her for a few days again or is this normal, boxer behavior? Just curious.. We've had boxer for years, although, this has never occured..

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It sounds like she's reacting to you leaving her at the kennel...I've never kenneled Samson cos I don't think he could handle it, but he does one of 2 things when I come back, either he totally ignores me for leaving him, or he clings to me....Buck & Tia did pretty well when kenneled, my biggest isssue with them was the fact that Buck refused to eat! Also, if you do have to kennel again, you might see if they both can be kenneled together, that's what I use to do and it worked pretty well....
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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