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Lexie isn't feeling well..

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Well it seems like Lexie isn't feeling well.. She threw up a bunch of food earlier and her ears are red on the inside.. Does anyone know what she may have?

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Did she get into anything?  Could be an allergic reaction with the ears being red.
How is she this morning?

I hope Lexie is feeling better today.
I agree sounds like an allergic reaction or an ear infection which can cause temp increase that can lead to vomiting.  Her ears are red but are they draiing anything or do they smell bad?
Is she feeling any better today?
Awww, poor Lexie, hoping she's doing better. I agree tho, it does sound a bit like allergies
Every time Ekim ate something he was allergic to he would get red ears and itcy toes. Hope she feels better soon.

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Hope Lexie's feeling better.  Could be a food allergy.  With her ears being red, could be an ear infection.  Does the ear smell?  You can give you her benedryl, not sure on how many pills you should give though, I think it's 2 25mg but call your vet to make sure.
Alright, thanks guys for all the help! We beleive that it was a reaction to something because it only lasted one night.. The next morning she was feeling better and the ears didn't smell nor were they really red.. She probably got into something outside..

Good News :)  \:D/
They sure keep us on our toes, don't they? Glad to hear the Lexie is feeling better
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