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Licking Feet...WTH?

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I have noticed Sampson is licking his feet a lot more than just normal grooming...anyone have any ideas? Could it be a food allergy? I just recently switched them over to Nutro Ultra. I know he has some allergies because he was doing the reverse sneezing a while back but that has gone away completely now. I have checked his pads and don't see anything wrong with them.
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Allergy is #1 suspect, as well as yeast inbetween the toes.   If its yeast, advice would be to take some monistat (yes, ladies yeast cream) and use inbetween the toes.  Also you can bathe feet in selson blue shampoo (medicated to stop the itch) or use some apple cider vineagar on them.   If is yeast, that should get it, if its food allergy then it will come back and then may look to switch foods.

Good Luck!

Will I be able to see the yeast between the toes?  Also, what if he licks the medication off?
I would go with the allergy suspect... Tucker does the same thing, and has done so since we switched his food. He has a vet appt tomorrow for another round of shots, and I am going to talk to the vet then.

Also, does it snow where you live? Is there non-pet-friendly salt on the ground? The management here at the complex said it will sting their toes/feet a bit so wash their feet off when you come inside (I also don't want it ingested). Just a thought, but Im no vet :)

good luck and keep us posted  :-h
No, I doubt it (see) but you will smell it - it has an foul odor.  As far as the medication, rub it in pretty good (if it is yeast) and one lick it will taste awful so doubt she will lick it again.  There is also a remedy of using a tea tree oil based cream.  If there is no smell, best suspect - food alergy.  Then I would just do the soak to relieve the itching and maybe try Benadryl.
Ok, I will check him out tonight. It just seems like it has been with the switch in food.
glad i found this...Reese recently started chewing on her feet, which she has never done before. going to have to give this a try...eww i dont wanna smell her feet :lol:
southerngirls\";p=\"63352 said:
eww i dont wanna smell her feet :lol:
If it IS NOT yeast they will probably smell like fritos :) Yum Yum  :lol:  :lol:
Ok, no sticky feet at my house  :lol: Last night he wasn't doing it so much, I will keep my eye on him and try switching food again  :roll:  if he continues.
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